Naia of Hoyo Negro 01-17-2018

An Opportunity of a LifetimeIMG_7728

For the past three years I have had the unique privilege of working intimately with the spirit and physical remains of a young woman who lived in the Yucatan Peninsula nearly 13,000 years ago. She perished when she was approximately 16 years old, deep within an underground cave which is now completely flooded with water.

How her life ended there remains a mystery, but thanks to a team of world renowned scientists using innovative technologies, we now know that she is the oldest human found thus far on the Northern American continent. Also, after having rested peacefully in an underwater tomb for over ten thousand years, she contains the most complete set of skeletal remains of any human in that age-range. Continue reading

Happy New Year and Supermoon 12-30-2017

I wish you a very happy and successful new year!sept-19-calf-curling1ps

During the final days of 2017 we are able to reflect on our blessings, successes, and lessons learned over the past year. This was an especially trying year for many, and I hope that yours was filled with an abundance of smiles, laughter, and positive experiences even amidst the challenges that are part of any fulfilling life. 
As I grow older and (hopefully) wiser, I’m learning to welcome bumps in the road with greater courage, patience, and a more open heart. I believe that challenging times represent contrast, providing a clarification of our values and allowing for a deeper appreciation of the highlights in our lives.
Having said that, I’m ready for a fresh start in 2018— how about you?!
If you’d like to join me in envisioning a magnificent new year, I am offering private consultation to assist in manifesting your personal goals and resolutions. I’ve added some great new information to the manifestation process that is proving to be very successful. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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Winter Solstice 2017 12-19-2017

What is a Solstice?photo_7

Solstice means “Standing-still Sun”, and stems from the Latin words ‘sol’  for sun, and ‘sistere’ which means to cause to stand still. In the weeks approaching the Winter Solstice, the noontime sun rises to a progressively lower position in the sky in relation to the North pole.

At the time of the Solstice, the sun reaches its lowest point of elevation of the entire year. This low point is visibly imperceptible compared to the day before, and therefore the sun appears to stand still.

A Tilting Planet, and the Changing Seasons

The seasons of the year are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis. In other words, our seasons are not caused by our proximity to the Sun, but by the tilt of the Earth. Continue reading

Impacts of the Great American Eclipse 08-21-2017

144946719This year we have the opportunity to experience a Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible all across the United States. A Solar Eclipse occurs at the time of the new moon, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. During a Total Solar Eclipse, the path of the moon serves to completely cover the sun and its tenuous atmosphere, called the corona.

Total Eclipses are not particularly rare as they occur approximately every 18 months. However since they often occur over the vast bodies of water on our planet, they are less frequently seen and experienced from land.

What makes this eclipse so special to those of us in the United States is that the Path of Totality will fall Continue reading

Join the Whales of the Silver Bank in 2018 06-04-2017

They Look Forward to Meeting You!


You are invited to join us for the 2018 humpback whale season on the Silver Bank. There are still a few spaces available for the first week in April and I am delighted to have the opportunity to share this amazing adventure with you! Continue reading

Summer Solstice 2017 06-02-2017


What is a Solstice?

Solstice means “Standing-still Sun” and stems from the Latin words ‘sol’ for sun and ‘sistere’ which means to cause to stand still.

In the weeks approaching a solstice, the noonday sun rises to an increasingly higher place in the sky each day. At the time of the Solstice the sun rises an imperceptible amount compared to the day before and therefore seems to stand still. This stationary appearance of the sun at noontime occurs for several days just before and after the solstice.

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My Services 11-23-2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a motivational coach and intuitive healer I offer soul mentoring and private energy-healing sessions to clients from all over the world. My services are designed for people who desire immediate clarity, a galvanizing boost to actualize their goals, and insight into the purpose of their life.

Private sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype and are tailored to meet your individual needs. My services include consultation, manifestation coaching, and energy healing.

Each session contains a blend of intuitive wisdom and intellectual clarity. I offer a spiritual perspective that helps people see and understand the bigger picture of their lives, yet my expertise is in providing practical, direct guidance and clear information to help you fulfill your highest potential.

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November 14th Delivers the Supermoon of the Century 11-10-2016

moon3A Super-Duper Full Moon

A few days after enduring the most contentious election in our nation’s recent history, Americans will have the good fortune to experience a far more positive ‘once in a lifetime’ event with our next full moon. On November 14th, skywatchers from all over the world will be regaled with the biggest, closest, and brightest Supermoon since January 26, 1948.  Continue reading

No Longer Willing to Swallow My Emotions and Remain Quiet 10-17-2016

wolf-coolThese days I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but I am a woman who from an early age was subject to nonconsensual, inappropriate sexual attention and aggression. Those incidents took various forms, the worst of those being date rape.

While I don’t identify myself as a victim and these incidents happened many years ago, the complex and profound emotional impact of those experiences live in my body and psyche. They have shaped the direction of my life, the quality of my relationships, and who I have become as an adult.

The reason that I am impelled to discuss this now is that the issues being raised by the current electoral race have had a surprising and unexpected effect on me, triggering thoughts and feelings that I thought that I had successfully worked through long ago. Continue reading

Supermoon in October 2016 10-16-2016

A Super Bright Hunter’s Moontoms-moon

The first of the three Full Supermoons in the final months of 2016 will occur on October 16th under the astrological sign of Aries. The moon will reach its fullest point on Sunday at 12:23 a.m. EST, and will make its closest approach to the Earth at 7:47 p.m.

The increased size and brightness of this lunar event will give a boost to what Native Americans called the ‘Full Hunter’s Moon’. According to the Farmer’s Almanac October’s full moon earned Continue reading

The Autumnal Equinox 09-22-2016

solstices_and_equinoxes-1What is an Equinox?

The Equinox is an astronomical event that occurs when the plane of Earth’s Equator passes the center of the Sun. This phenomenon results in a period when daytime and night are approximately equal in length.

The name ‘equinox’ comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). This event occurs twice each year and marks the beginning of the Spring and Autumn seasons.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Autumnal Equinox this year will fall on September 22nd, 2016. For those who live Continue reading

Meet the Humpback Whales in 2016 11-20-2015

They Are Eager to Meet You!

vlcsnap-2014-03-31-21h00m35s21 - Version 2

You are invited to join me and a group of my friends on next year’s humpback whale trip. The trip dates are Feb 20 – Feb 27, 2016, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to share this amazing adventure with you! Continue reading

Happy Libra New Moon & Goodbye Mercury Retrograde! 10-08-2015

Happy Autumn and Goodbye Mercury Retrograde!libra-1
As you probably know, we are coming out of an intense lunar and astrological cycle that included eclipses, supermoons, and Mercury going retrograde. It has been a challenging time for a number of people but also an excellent opportunity for personal growth, particularly in the realm of relationships. Despite the discomfort, this period of energetic turmoil has allowed us to reach new levels of clarity.
Fortunately the next lunar cycle Continue reading

A Super-rare Superlunar Eclipse 09-25-2015

The Superlunar Eclipsemoony

This coming Sunday we will be treated to a rare and powerful lunar event. The largest Supermoon of the year will occur with both a full moon and lunar eclipse on September 27th at 9:07 EST under the astrological sign Aries.

This full moon is also called the Harvest Moon, which occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox each year and has earned its name and reputation by providing more light Continue reading

Celebrate the Upcoming Full Superlunar Eclipse! 09-08-2015

Six Supermoons moony

By the end of 2015 we will have experienced a total of six Supermoons as the moon orbits the Earth closer than usual. The first of these brighter and larger looking moons occurred with the new moons of January, February and March. The remaining three will be gracing the night sky with the full moons of August, September and October.

The largest Supermoon of the year will occur with both a full moon and lunar Continue reading

Fundraiser to Complete Naia’s Extraction from Hoyo Negro 06-18-2015

‘Help Bring Naia to Light’ … as we celebrate the enduring power of the feminine spirit14183601082_346a7df48d_o-1


*Raise $30K to extract Naia’s additional remains
*Funding is to be raised in honor of women
*Contributions to be made by July 31, 2015

Who is Naia? She is the oldest human to be found in North America and her remains rest at the bottom of a deep underwater cave in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History has asked our team to remove the entirety of Naia’s remains to be studied and preserved for display at a museum in Mexico City.

There is some urgency to complete the Continue reading

I’ve Never Been Good At Fitting In 06-16-2015

UnbridledI would rather pass my days sprawled on the deck of a boat on the open ocean, staring at the full moon as a whale punctuates the stillness with her deep, loud breaths.

I would rather live with wild cetaceans in and on the sea, sharing the liquid light of their love and joy.

I would rather express my talents wherever I go than be anchored to a job in a fixed location.

I would rather dress in light, airy clothing in outrageous colors than fit in to the sameness of society’s wardrobe.

I would rather savor a meal, sing out loud, and dance with abandon alone, than do so with people who bore me. Continue reading

We Are the Sum of Our Closest Friends 06-10-2015

Our Friendships Define UsFriends3

A few months ago I came across a quote from a successful, well-respected business leader who spoke about the importance of the quality of our friendships. His words made perfect sense and struck a chord within my heart and psyche.

In essence, the quote reflects my beliefs as an energy worker and empathic healer. This is what he said: Continue reading

The Catalytic Power of Andaras 06-01-2015

A Spiral of PowerIMG_5569_2

Two years ago a dear friend from Hawaii came to visit and to see the proliferation of blue whales who had gathered in Monterey Bay. During her stay,  Celeste insisted that we drive to Santa Cruz to walk a Spiral that consisted of an assemblage of powerful stones called Andaras.

We drove up the coast to the home of a fascinating man named Mickey Magic, who is a modern-day Shaman and magician. Mickey had constructed a labyrinth of large, beautiful, Continue reading

Beauty & Grace on the Silver Bank 05-30-2015

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-21h23m32s163Thank you to Aquatic Adventures for sharing this precious video of a mother and calf dancing to the gentle serenade of a male escort.

Octopus Magic 05-15-2015

IMG_0051The Magical Octopus

In the month of November I had the opportunity to enjoy ten days of scuba diving in Monterey and Carmel. The weather and conditions varied greatly over that period, as did my role as a diver. I played the part of instructor, training buddy, and videographer for a tech-diving class. The dives ranged from shallow, interesting shore dives to deeper and more challenging adventures from a boat.

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The Hoyo Negro Experience 01-01-2015

IMG_4437 - Version 2Home at Last, from South of the Border

I have just returned home from my 4th trip to Mexico this year to work as a cave diver on the Hoyo Negro Project.

Since the discovery of the site in 2007, I have been a core member of the Hoyo Negro Team. Our purpose is to document, map, and protect this important underwater cave system which lies in the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula. Continue reading

The Last Supermoon of Summer 2014 09-08-2014

IMG_0792 - Version 3Shine On Harvest Supermoon

The last of the three Full Supermoons of the summer season will occur on Monday, September 8, at 6:38 PM PST under the astrological sign of Pisces. The final full moon of the Summer is known as the Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox each year. This full moon has earned its name and reputation by providing more light at the right time to assist in the harvest of the bounty of summer’s robust growing period.  Continue reading

Supermoon Summer 07-12-2014

slide_357787_3960397_freeA Trio of Special Moons

This summer we will experience three Supermoons, the first of which is happening right now! Be sure to witness the full moons on July 12th, Aug 10th, and Sept 9th, because they will appear to be much bigger and brighter in the night sky.

What is a Supermoon?

A ‘Supermoon’ occurs when the moon’s orbit brings it closer to Earth than on average. This phenomenon makes the moon Continue reading

April Solar Eclipse 04-24-2014

imagesYet Another Eclipse In April!

The new moon this month will take place in conjunction with an Annular Solar Eclipse on April 28- 29th, from 3:53 to 8:14 UTC time. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the diameter of the Moon appears smaller than that of the Sun. As the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun it blocks most of the Sun’s light, causing the Sun to look like a bright annulus (ring). This phenomenon is also known as a ‘ring-of-fire’ eclipse. Continue reading

The April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross 04-22-2014

A Rare Celestial AlignmentCardinal_Grand_Cross_April_2014

We are presently in the midst of a massive influx of transformational energies that are impacting our planet and our lives. Within the next few days we will experience a very rare astrological event which will offer powerful potentials for growth and the expansion of our consciousness. Four planets will position themselves at exact 90 degree angles to one another (Pluto opposing Jupiter & Mars opposing Uranus), to form a Grand Cross in our celestial skies. Continue reading

April 2014 Lunar Eclipse 04-14-2014

21d0afdf-bf16-4aee-a67b-237a6e848014_650x366Are You Ready for the Lunar Eclipse?

The full moon this month will occur in conjunction with a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14th – 15th, from 4:55 AM to 10:36 AM UTC time. The event will be visible over much of North and South America, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Western Europe, Eastern Australia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Antarctica.

In general, eclipses are believed to foretell meaningful events, indicate a critical turning point, or provide warning of upcoming challenges. They often trigger transformation as the result of unexpected change. Continue reading

Get Ready for the Year of the Horse! 01-27-2014

Chinese Lunar New Year58700_4384173678229_1479133910_n

In the Chinese culture, New Years Day is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese calendar which begins with the birth of a new moon. The Chinese lunar calendar is derived from a combination of both lunar and solar movements. Since the lunar cycle is 29.5 days, every seven years a month is inserted into the system to ‘catch up’ and align with the solar cycle. Typically the new year occurs sometime between January 22th and February 27th.

The lunar new year offers an opportunity for new beginnings. It is an auspicious time Continue reading

Happy New Moon on New Year’s Day 2014 12-26-2013

web_capricorn - Version 2Happy New Year’s Moon

I’m excited to report that in 2014, New Year’s Day coincides with the first new moon of the year. As you may know, the first five days of the lunar cycle represent the most powerful time to manifest our goals and dreams.

To celebrate this timely event, I will be running a remote manifestation workshop to help you refine and reinforce your dreams for the upcoming year.

Capricorn Moon in Winter

The new moon on January 1st falls under the astrological influence of Capricorn. This sign inspires us to awaken our inborn talents to build and create whatever we choose. Capricorn assists us to launch new ideas, ventures, and productive ways of being in the world.

We are in the first phase of the Winter season. Winter is associated with the qualities of purifi Continue reading

Merry Christmas! 12-25-2013

Christmas is All About LoveAAA - Version 2

This is a precious time for family and friends, and I wish all of you the happiest and most joyous day! May peace, love, and laughter bless your lives today.

In the spirit of the season, I have put together a simple video clip of a mother humpback whale and her calf from my trip to the Silver Bank this year. I believe it represents the simple yet profound bond of love and trust that exists in this truly flowing relationship.

May we all experience this beautiful kind of love in our lifetimes!


Where the Wild Things Are 12-13-2013


IMG_1644 - Version 2An Afternoon with the Animals

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with human and elephant friends at the Wild Things jungle park in Salinas.

This  park-like zoo is home to many wild birds and exotic animals who are used for film, television, live productions, and educational programs. Wild Things also offers sanctuary to animals who can no longer participate in the entertainment world or would otherwise not have a home or family.

Sheila Gale invited me to join her and Cindy Bittner for an afternoon walking tour of the park, where we visited and learned about a number of extraordinary animals. Most of the species on display were from Africa, however a few of the animals we met were from other parts of the world.

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Recent Solar Storms and their Impact on Us 12-13-2013

A Spike in Solar ActivityA Flaring Star

There has been a recent spike in solar flare activity as our sun approaches the peak of the most active phase of its solar weather cycle. The surface of the sun has erupted with over 60 class M and X Solar Flares since Oct 1st, compared to less than 50 flares reported for the previous nine months of 2013.

Solar flares are the most violent events in the solar system. These powerful bursts of light and radiation can release one million times more energy than the largest earthquake. While the Continue reading

Happy Halloween & Scorpio New Moon! 10-31-2013


Happy Halloween!

I hope that you are the recipient of far more treats than tricks tonight!

As an energy worker, this is one of my favorite times of the year. On All Hallows’ Eve the veil that divides the seen from the unseen worlds is believed to be thin and malleable. Those who are open and receptive to otherworldly dimensions may sense the presence of friends and loved ones who have transitioned yet remain close to us. They may also feel a stronger connections to ancestor spirits who accompany us on our journey through this lifetime.

The thinning of the veil between worlds allows us to recognize and pay respect to those who have come before us and have influenced our life experience.  Continue reading

My New Website, Thanks to My Precious Friends 10-13-2013


Way of the Whale Website: A Team Effort

I’m very excited to share my newly designed website and wanted to take this opportunity to thank two dear friends, Angela Kenniston & Carolina Dratva, who helped bring this unconventional and very personal web-design to life! I am deeply appreciative of the time, energy, and patience they both exercised on behalf of this project.

I’d also like to thank my ace programmer, Pedro Izaguirre, for successfully Continue reading

Autumn Is Here 09-22-2013


Autumn is a Time for Introspection

Autumn is the season of Introspection and represents a natural time of turning inward for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. As we gradually transition from the rapid growth period of Summer, we may begin to withdraw from the ‘busy-ness’ of external activities to reflect inwardly on our lives. We have the opportunity to adjust & refine the direction of our forward momentum. Continue reading

Hawaii: A Power Place 09-20-2013


The Power of Place

For each individual, there are specific geographical locations on the planet that act as personal places of empowerment and rejuvenation. When we visit these locations, we experience a spontaneous sense of familiarity and often feel healthy and intensely alive. We may even have a Continue reading

Summer Love! 06-20-2013


Summer is the Season of Rapid Growth

Summer is the season of Rapid Growth and Positive Momentum. The Earth has fully absorbed the regenerative energies of the spring and is celebrating a proliferation of abundance & vitality. Summer symbolizes the characteristics of childhood and the exuberance of youth.

The Summer season is associated Continue reading

Spring has Sprung! 03-21-2013


Spring is the Time of Regeneration

Spring is the season of Awakening & Regeneration. As Mother Earth awakens from her time of retraction and introspection, we are infused with the fresh, vibrant energy of new life. In these first days of Spring, the Earth gracioulsy inundates us with a surge of pure energy that has the power to create ‘miracles’.

Continue reading

Dolphin Dreaming 2012 07-14-2012

P1010716Dolphin Dreaming In July

To celebrate my birthday this year, I asked a few friends to join me on a dolphin trip to the Little Bahama Bank aboard a 85′ converted shrimp boat named the Dolphin Dream. We spent a glorious week celebrating and frolicking with dolphins in calm seas under sunny skies. Bank aboard a 85′ converted shrimp boat named the Dolphin Dream. We spent a glorious week celebrating and frolicking with dolphins in calm seas under sunny skies. Continue reading

A Wagging Tail of Forgiveness & Thanksgiving 12-01-2011

AnaiaGiving Thanks on a Glorious Day

Thanksgiving day this year was gorgeous… clear, warm, and a perfect day for a dog walk in the neighborhood. Naia and I strolled along the walkway on the ‘Greenbelt’ that runs the length of our housing complex, and I allowed my thoughts to meander among the many blessings to be thankful for this year.

At the top of my list was the extreme gratitude I feel for the enhanced beauty we now enjoy Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Sydney, Crystals, & Bringing the Energy Home 09-05-2011

img_2301Sydney in Style

After a fortnight in a small cabin on a boat, we decided to go upscale for our brief stay in Sydney. I booked a room at the Four Seasons Sydney, where we had a spectacular view of Circular Quay. From this prime location, we were within easy walking distance of the Opera House, the Botanical Gardens, and numerous waterfront restaurants and shops.  Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Extensive Trip Diary, Week 2 09-04-2011

Week 1aChallenger Bay & Lighthouse Reef (7/10/11)

After motoring all night from Pt Douglas to Challenger Bay, we had an excellent first day of aquatic & cetacean immersion. We began our morning with a slow, colorful dive in the company of a Maori Wrasse, before cruising through wind and bumpy seas to Lighthouse Reef.

Our whale adventures began with a breaching minke in the distance, who leapt completely out of Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Respite from Researchers! 09-03-2011

mind-power_2aA Need for Balancing and Re-Centering

During our walk on the beach in Port Douglas my body felt unusually tense. This was a strange bodily reaction to have in the midst of a whale trip! While it was fabulous to reunite with the minkes, I realized that a feeling of disharmony had been slowly building during the first week on the boat.

I noticed that there was significantly more ‘effort’ required to connect with the whales than I had experienced in the past. It was as though we weren’t completely tuned to the same channel, or more accurately– it felt like there was static in the water. I was doing my ‘whale love & positive energy vibe thing’… but it was like transmitting energy through a haze of interference. The experience was both draining and disconcerting.  Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Respite in Port Douglas 09-03-2011

Respite from researchRespite In Port Douglas

The boat docked at the harbor in Port Douglas, which is a small but thriving tourist town for water-sports & rain-forest aficionados. The port is home to numerous day-boats for snorkeling & diving, as well as slightly larger live-aboard vessels like the Elizabeth E II.

The wharf contains an eclectic collection of colorful, touristy shops & restaurants, and the main Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Extensive Trip Diary, Week 1 09-02-2011

Week2aMinke Trip Week# 1

The first segment of our minke adventure was a 6-day cruise, which originated on Lizard Island and concluded at Port Douglas. Lizard Island is closer to the prime minke ‘hang-outs’, which are also prime diving locations. The sites consist of several large bombes (coral heads), where the minkes are most likely to congregate during the whale season. Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Well Worth the Wait, Part 1 09-01-2011

AwatchingWatching for Whales

Following a blissful night’s sleep, we woke up on the second day of our cruise to cloudy skies and a shimmering curtain of rain in the distance. Fortunately, by the time we’d finished breakfast there were patches of blue sky and sunbeams filtering through the clouds.

The crew pulled anchor and the boat Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Well Worth the Wait, Part 2 09-01-2011

SdiveScuba Diving at Challenger Bay II

We thanked the minkes for the sweet encounter, as our boat motored to a more sheltered location for a lunch-time dive. Beto and I descended into the reef-protected bay, saying hello to a school of silver travales who were congregating under the boat. We dropped to the sandy bottom to meet a huge cod with yellow dorsal fins swimming in tandem with a smaller fish. Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Dwarf Minke Behaviors & Moods 08-31-2011

better minkeAn Assortment of Behaviors

During a typical encounter with dwarf minkes, we are likely to observe a wide assortment of behaviors. One or more whales may display fluctuating levels of energy, interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm as they swim by the boat and around the snorkelers. In general, if we show interest in them they are more likely to be curious and interactive with us. Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Dwarf Minkes Eye-to-Eye 08-31-2011

ABC minkeEye-to-Eye and Soul-to-Soul

All of the dwarf minkes who approach boats and people are at some level curious about us. Those who engage with humans for a prolonged encounter appear to be as interested in us as we are in them! The few whales who actively play & interact with swimmers in the water and observers on the boat seem to be intentionally deepening the human-cetacean connection.

There are few experiences more intense Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Dwarf Minke Research 08-30-2011

BBminkeMinke Research & Interaction Procedures

Before describing my experiences with the minke whales, I’d like to provide some basic information on minkes, research practices, and procedural aspects of dwarf minke whale interaction.

Eye-To-Eye Supports Research

Eye to Eye Marine Encounters provides Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Dwarf Minke Whales 08-30-2011

A1minkeWho Are Those Whales?

Minke whales are members of the baleen whale family. Baleen whales are also referred to as the ‘great whales’, and are tooth-less cetaceans who use baleen plates to filter their food from the water. Dwarf Minkes are the smallest of the baleen whales; as adults, they measure just under 8 meterslong, and weigh between 5 – 6 tons.

Continue reading

Oz-Blog: We’re On A Boat! 08-11-2011

AcodOn our Way at Last!

The first afternoon on the Elizabeth E II was fantastic. As our ship motored to a popular dive site, I had time to calm my thoughts, center my energy, and connect with the Spirit of the Sea. I began to focus my attention on the dreams of my friends, in anticipation of the evening manifestation ceremony.

When we pulled up to the site, I took a break and went for a little dive with Beto to get our first Continue reading

Oz-Blog: To Lizard Island & Beyond 08-10-2011

null_8Off and flying

Early the next morning we met our lovely trip facilitator, Linda Rumney and our fellow minke-adventurers. We weighed in with our luggage, boarded a small plane, and flew to Lizard Island.

The flight was short and picturesque. We banked away from the mainland of Northeastern Australia, and headed out over the Barrier Reef. We viewed expanses of blue and aquamarine waters, framed by the Continue reading

Oz-Blog: A Night In Cairns 08-09-2011

AcairnsFun at the Cairns Night Market

We arrived at Cairns on the night of July 3, with an early morning flight scheduled to Lizard Island. Our hotel was close to the Esplanade, so we strolled the waterfront and enjoyed a scrumptious dinner on the outdoor patio of a fabulous Italian restaurant.

After dinner we visited the Cairns Night Market which supports over 100 vendors Continue reading

Oz-Blog: Getting Stoned in Sydney 08-02-2011

acrystal1Feeling Right at Home

As I’ve mentioned before, Australia is a Power Place for me. I feel unusually grounded, spiritually connected, and empowered there. Sydney Harbor holds a unique familiarity, and I have spent many hours walking and exploring the area. While I have only visited Sydney on three occasions, it feels like home.

Continue reading

Oz-Blog: The Journey Down Under 08-01-2011

IMG_2278A Bumpy Departure

The beginning of our long-anticipated trip to Australia was fraught with a series of bumps in the road. The journey to minke whale territory required three flights on increasingly smaller planes to a minuscule island located on the northern perimeter of the Great Barrier Reef, where we would board a boat for two weeks at sea.

We had packed judiciously, due Continue reading

Eclipses Galore, Birthday Blessings, & Minke Fever 06-16-2011

7547103-real-earth-planet-in-deep-space-sunset_2Solar Eclipse in Cancer

The first new moon of the Summer season will be on July 1st and falls under the astrological sign of Cancer. The new moon will occur in conjunction with a partial Solar Eclipse.

An eclipse is a potent astrological event that can initiate change or transformation in our lives and circumstances. Continue reading

My Magnificent Clients 05-06-2011

ApaintingMeaningful Work, Magical Clients

I am truly blessed to be doing work that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally gratifying, and Spiritually fulfilling. I love what I do!

One of the key ingredients leading to my job satisfaction is that I have the honor of working with energetically bright, magnificent, and multitalented clients. I am amazed and inspired by every one of my clients, and feel fortunate to be a part of their Continue reading

Are You Ready for an Extreme Supermoon? 03-19-2011

supermoon-02What is a Supermoon?

Tonight we will be treated to a ‘Supermoon’, which occurs when the moon’s orbit brings it closer to Earth than on average. This phenomenon makes the moon appear to be bigger than normal as result of atmospheric distortion. The magnified effect of a Supermoon is even more pronounced when it occurs at Continue reading

The Predictive Power of Dreams 03-16-2011

AgreywhaleAn Important Dream

On March 8th, I had an intense and memorable dream. It was so ‘real’ and disquieting, that on the following day I sent a brief summary of the dream to a friend who does dream interpretation.

Earthquake In Japan

Two nights later, my friend called to inform me of the earthquake in Japan. For the next hour Continue reading

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Us 03-11-2011

Astar flaringSolar Flares are on the Rise

Our sun is presently in the midst of an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle. What this means is that the surface of the sun is erupting with sun-storms and solar flares. Eruptions on the sun’s surface can blast tons of plasma into space — sometimes right towards the Earth.

Over Continue reading

Owl Medicine Revisited 03-10-2011

AOwlThe Return of the Great Horned Owls

In January, Naia & I spotted a Great Horned Owl on a neighborhood rooftop. A few days later we saw two horned owls flying overhead at dusk in the direction of the ocean. At the time, I wondered if the owls were a ‘couple’ who had nested in the mature cypress pines abutting our hou Continue reading

Dolphin Saturation 02-23-2011

AA SpinnerOne More for the Road

on Feb 17, 2011, I went out with China Mike & Celeste for one final endearing dolphin encounter on my last morning in Hawaii. My intention was to spend as much time in the water as possible with my cetacean family.

After China concluded our morning prayer, we motored to Kehole bay, where 150 Continue reading

Transmitting & Receiving Love 02-23-2011

AwhaleBringing a Friend Along

Today I carried a friend from Monterey with me during the dolphin swim. Celeste had spoken with her on the phone on our way to the harbor, and learned that she had been having a difficult time. I offered to devote my morning dolphin-swim to our friend, while Celeste swam in devotion to another Continue reading

Bottlenose Dolphins, Mantas, Spinners, and a Honu 02-22-2011

aadGood Morning Honu!

Today (Feb 15) I went out with Veto & Deirdra on the Lilikoi Dawn. The air quality was better so the sky was slightly clearer, and the water was glassy calm.

As we pulled out of the harbor, we met an unusual Honu (sea turtle). His shell was tall and almost cone shaped, and it reminded me of a pr Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day from Hawaiian Humpback Whales 02-21-2011

AswirlChina Mike, the Whale Kahuna

Celeste invited me to join her aboard the Sunlight on Water, for another dolphin adventure along the northern coast. The Captain, China Mike, embodies the Huna spirit of Hawaii. The moment I stepped on his boat, I could feel the palpable resonance of profound love and respect. A ting Continue reading

The Real Reason for Visiting Hawaii 02-21-2011

1234Why I’m Really Here…

My original intention for coming to Hawaii to take care of our property and swim with dolphins during whale season. I have since learned that this is only part of the equation. I’m actually here to energetically reprogram my energy body, and to receive an influx of spiritual guidance & inform Continue reading

Hawaiian Dolphins, Whales, & Energy Vortexes 02-20-2011

AAAWelcome Home

I arrived in Hawaii on Thursday afternoon, still wound up from the past few hectic and challenging weeks. I took my time driving south to my friend’s house on the Big Island, and was happy & relieved to arrive!

The next morning, I headed to my favorite beach to see if my dolphin family would be swi Continue reading

Year of the Rabbit 02-08-2011

BunnyChinese New Year

The Chinese calendar is based on a combination of  lunar and solar movements. Their new year always coincides with a new moon. Since the lunar cycle is 29.5 days, every seven years a month is ‘inserted’ into the system to ‘catch up’ to the solar calendar.

In all cult Continue reading

Owl Medicine 01-20-2011

rnbulf_2It’s a Bird… that hoots!

About two weeks ago while out with Naia on a dusk-time walk, I saw a large, silent bird flying overhead, just above the level of the house-tops in our neighborhood. I wondered if it might have been an owl, but soon let go of the thought and proceeded with the important task of throwing the Continue reading

New Year & Solar Eclipse Manifesting 01-19-2011

aaaaaHappy New Moon!

2011 gifted us with a Solar Eclipse on its first new moon on Jan 4th. This gave us a fabulous opportunity to launch our dreams into motion with a powerful burst!

Working in tune with the Moon

Since the fist week of the year tends to be a busy time for most people, I decided to offer a remote version of Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: The Power of Being Present 10-21-2010

zzzzzzzzOne last swim…

On the final day of my trip I arrived early at the beach to enjoy every precious moment before heading to the airport. I swam out to join two women who were playing with nine dolphins who had just arrived from their nocturnal activities in deep water.

Mommas, Babies, & Bubbles

Two pairs of moms & Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: The Gift of Recognition 10-20-2010

zzzzzzzThe Enchantment of the Pod

When I woke up at dawn I felt drawn to my heart beach, where the same pod of 30 dolphins from the previous day were swimming in the bay. There were four pairs of moms & babies and several juveniles in the group.

As soon as I heard their familiar squeaks & clicks, I experienced Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: The Magnetic Power of Reiki 10-19-2010

zzzzOn to my Heart Beach…

I decided to head down the coast to center myself & meditate upon my sweet early morning swim. After stopping for a snack at the fruit stand, I arrived at my Heart Beach at 10:30. There were dolphins in the bay!

Instant Connection

The water felt warm and inviting… and since the pod was so Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: Go with the Flow 10-18-2010

zzzzzzzzzFlowing with Friends

Beto accompanied me to Hawaii for a long weekend, and on the first morning we were scheduled to go on a dolphin snorkeling charter with Captain Veto (Into Spirit Whale & Dolphin Adventures). We arrived at Honokohau Harbor prior to our early morning departure, and when Beto got out of the Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: Never Doubt Yourself 10-18-2010

AADolphinMorning Premonition

I had a quiet morning alone to reconnect with the island by swimming in my favorite bays. I woke up with the definitive feeling that I would be spending many hours in the water with dolphins.

Greeting the day in the Water

When I pulled in to the parking lot at 7:30, I could already see snorkel Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: Mantas & Dolphins & Whales, Oh My! 10-17-2010

Spin blogHeading South on the Lilikoi Dawn

We joined Captain Veto on his boat for Beto’s last swim in Hawaii before flying home.There were only 4 passengers, so we had plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy another sunny day on the sea. For a change of pace, Veto suggested that we motor south to see if we could find & Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: The Disappearing Pod 10-16-2010

dolphin for blogExploring the Beauty of the Island

The only other time Beto has visited Hawaii was in 2002, when he helped to finalize the purchase of our house in Holualoa. It was a hectic trip with no time for relaxation or for him to get to know Hawaii. So, basically this (trip) has been his first real opportunity to explore the Continue reading

Dolphin Diaries: Sisterly Love 10-15-2010

three-girlsReconnecting with a Dolphin-Sister

Beto and I joined Captain Veto for another dolphin charter. Celeste, Sheila and Natasha were on the boat again, and we also had the pleasure of seeing our beloved dolphin-sister Joan Ocean who was on board with a few of her friends.

We were blessed with another day of sunshine and a slight breeze as we motored out to locate the Northern pod of spinner dolphins. The pod held to its recent trend of swimming in the shallow waters farther up the coast, approximately an hour’s drive from the harbor. Continue reading

Dolphins & Harry Connick Jr. 09-25-2010

Naia the Dolphin Magnet

Naia means Dolphin in Hawaiian and true to her name, our golden retriever seems to be a dolphin-magnet! Last Sunday morning was another gorgeous, sunny day down here on the coast, and we decided to take Naia to the beach before heading to the Jazz Festival.We drove to our favorite beach Continue reading

Synchronicity: Harmony, Rhythm, and All That Jazz 09-20-2010

Morning Blues

We woke up on Saturday morning encapsulated in a fog bank.

Beto & I had signed up for a trip aboard our favorite dive boat with the hope of taking advantage of the calm, flat seas we had observed all week. Unfortunately, no matter how flat the ocean is… if fog prevents the captain & crew from Continue reading

Magic in the Garden via Nature Spirits 09-10-2010

Planting the Seeds

On May 1st, my housemate Camilla and I planted 4 tomato plants which we acquired at a local organic nursery. This was my second-ever bona fide attempt at growing anything– the first attempt was last year, when my father gave me a tomato plant as a gift. It was an unusual gift, in that I am a fabul Continue reading