Summer Love!


Summer is the Season of Rapid Growth

Summer is the season of Rapid Growth and Positive Momentum. The Earth has fully absorbed the regenerative energies of the spring and is celebrating a proliferation of abundance & vitality. Summer symbolizes the characteristics of childhood and the exuberance of youth.

The Summer season is associated with Red, the color of oxygenated blood. Red represents life, vitality, health, and vigor.  In its positive expression red reflects strength, courage, physical power, and passion.

Trust your Instincts… in the South

In many Native American traditions, Summertime is associated with the South, the direction of Trust and Innocence.

The South is referred to as ‘the Way of the Child’, as a reminder to awaken the child within us. In doing so, we regain the wonder and excitement we experienced as children, so that we may interact in the world with a renewed sense of faith, trust, and innocence. Life becomes an experience to savor and enjoy as we reconnect with a deeper understanding of our true, spiritual identity.

The quality of innocence practiced in the spirit of the South results in a deep and unwavering trust of our Instincts and Intuitions. By following the promptings of our inner guidance system, we may acquire things of a spiritual and lasting value.

Go with the Flow

The element of the South is Water, whose characteristics are Fluidity, Penetration, and Movement. Water forms a bridge between the realms of solidity and radiance; it can be solidified into ice, transformed (by fire) into vapor, and channeled into radiant energy. Water element expresses itself in our lives through our feelings and emotions.

Align with the Moon

The Heavenly Body of the South is the Moon, whose vibratory force field and gravitational pull effects all living things on Earth. The moon causes the fluctuation of the ocean’s tides, influences the flow of sap in plants and trees, and affects body fluids in animals.

The cyclical patterns of the moon’s orbits produce the natural rhythms we experience on our planet. The Moon casts an invisible electro-magnetic force onto the Earth that influences the subtle magnetic energies of our ethereal bodies. When we connect with the cycles of the moon, we put ourselves into harmony with Mother Earth.

Feeling your way through Summer

The human aspect of the Summer is the Emotional Body. Our emotions represent the expression of mind-Energy in Motion (‘E-motion’), and we become aware of this energy through our feelings. Emotions constitute a powerful, driving force in our lives. We may purposefully channel our emotions into positive expression & manifestation, or we can allow our emotions to control us.

Empower the Future through the Past

The time period associated with Summer is the Past. By reviewing our past, we may determine how and where in our lives we are limited by conditioning or out-dated thought forms. As we consciously release these trappings of the past, we set ourselves free.  We empower ourselves to change the direction of the Now, so that we may shape the essence of the future we desire.

Summer Blessing to all… as you celebrate the exuberant, childlike energies of the season!


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