I’ve Never Been Good At Fitting In

UnbridledI would rather pass my days sprawled on the deck of a boat on the open ocean, staring at the full moon as a whale punctuates the stillness with her deep, loud breaths.

I would rather live with wild cetaceans in and on the sea, sharing the liquid light of their love and joy.

I would rather express my talents wherever I go than be anchored to a job in a fixed location.

I would rather dress in light, airy clothing in outrageous colors than fit in to the sameness of society’s wardrobe.

I would rather savor a meal, sing out loud, and dance with abandon alone, than do so with people who bore me.

I would rather cherish the presence of children not my own than bring new life into an overpopulated world.

I would rather swim naked with dolphins at night bathed in bioluminescence, feeling it fall like weightless fireflies from my hair, my breasts, my back, my fingers.

I would rather drink fine, aged tequila neat-with-no-lime, have a smile on my face and smell of cigar smoke, than spend a moment in church.

I would rather laugh out loud from the bottom of my belly than blend in to the monotonic chatter of the grown-ups around me.

I would rather watch sea turtles lay eggs in the sand on a moonlit beach than have a girls’ night out at the bar.

I would rather trample mosquito-filled jungles and dive into unexplored caves than lounge in a chair at a resort pool with a cocktail in my hand.

I would rather lose myself in the depths of a mother whale’s eye and find my soul transformed forever.

I would rather live in a horse & buggy town than reside in an upscale, gated community. I’d rather walk my dog off-leash, befriend a great blue heron in the neighboring wetland, skinny dip in the pool when the sun goes down.

I would rather experience the agony of a broken heart than close my soul to the possibility of profound, lasting, mutual love.

I would rather appreciate wealth as representation of my unbridled freedom than live in a state of lack.

I would rather own my own house and weave elements of my past, present, and future into the creative expression that is my home.

I would rather luxuriate in the soft, enveloping warmth of my empty bed than share it with a man I do not trust and love with all of my heart.

I would rather jump in with both feet and learn from life’s rhythms than sit safely at home dreaming of a life that never unfolds.

I would rather drink the ocean, breathe the sky, taste each moment, celebrate being madly alive, again and again and again.

I do not need a post-graduate degree and letters after my name to prove that I am intelligent.

I don’t need a ring on my finger to prove that I am loved or in love.

I refuse to live by anyone else’s rules or standards.

My happiness, my joy, my self-worth is defined by me.

I choose to live in the moment, for the moment, at the highest frequency possible with an open, receptive heart.

I would rather live my wildly passionate, cetacean filled, free spirited, turned-upside-down life with no certain future than trade it for anyone else’s in the world.


May you live your life with passion, courage, and unbridled joy.

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