April 2014 Lunar Eclipse

21d0afdf-bf16-4aee-a67b-237a6e848014_650x366Are You Ready for the Lunar Eclipse?

The full moon this month will occur in conjunction with a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14th – 15th, from 4:55 AM to 10:36 AM UTC time. The event will be visible over much of North and South America, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Western Europe, Eastern Australia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Antarctica.

In general, eclipses are believed to foretell meaningful events, indicate a critical turning point, or provide warning of upcoming challenges. They often trigger transformation as the result of unexpected change.


images-1The Significance of a Lunar Eclipse

The full moon represents a culmination of events and a period of intensified emotions. An eclipse associated with the moon serves to amplify these effects and brings emotional matters to a head. A Lunar Eclipse exerts particular influence upon the realm of interpersonal relationships and acts as a catalyst for change that is based on what we have already experienced.

We can utilize this catalytic event to consciously bring memories of the past into the present so that we may examine what is working or not working for us within our lives. If we choose to reflect upon the past with respect, objectivity, and an open heart, we allow ourselves the opportunity to practice forgiveness for whatever or whomever no longer serves our highest good. While it is important to cultivate respect for other people and situations, we must ultimately respect ourselves first and foremost. We may find it necessary to release something or someone from the past in order to make room for new energies to enter our lives.

LibraUnder the Influence of Libra

This Lunar Eclipse will occur under the astrological sign of Libra. As a result, it has the capacity to impact the emotional dynamic within romantic relationships. Anything that is hidden or secretive within a marriage, partnership, or between lovers is likely to be exposed. The Lunar Eclipse under Libra may portend a period of endings or new beginnings.

The effects triggered by an eclipse tend to manifest within our lives over a period of time. Each hour of a Lunar Eclipse is said to deliver ramifications that last for one month. The duration of April’s lunar eclipse will be 5 hours and 41 minutes. While the effects of this event may begin to unfold before or soon after the eclipse takes place, their full implications may not be apparent for many months thereafter.

When To Look at the Moon

If we are lucky enough to have clear skies and excellent viewing conditions, those of us on the West Coast will be able to see the eclipse at these times:Unknown

Penumbral begins at 9:55 PM PST
Partial begins at 10:59 PM
Total begins at 12:08 AM
Maximum occurs at 12:46 AM
Total ends at 1:23 AM
Partial ends at 2:32 AM
Penumbral ends at 3:36 AM

imagesHow to Manage the Intensity of the Lunar Eclipse

There will be an intensification of energies associated with the eclipse during the days just prior to and after the event. Those who are sensitive to energetic fluctuations are likely to experience a state of information overload, as they mentally and emotionally process the influx of heightened frequencies. In order to calm our minds and maintain a state of emotional equilibrium, we are advised to exercise (or at very least take a walk), drink a plentiful amount of water, and to get an appropriate amount of sleep over the next few days.

DevasSpiral_JeanLuc.2 - Version 2Metaphysical Implications of the Eclipse

The Total Lunar Eclipse will introduce new Light Codes into the Collective Consciousness of our planet. The influx of Libra energy will direct our focus to the theme of Balance, urging us to bring all aspects of our lives into a state of balance. In addition, Libra’s resonance will exert great pressure on mankind to cultivate new ways of thinking and living that will restore Balance to the Earth.

May you utilize the catalytic power of this Lunar Eclipse to establish balance within your life and to make the necessary changes to clarify the quality of your relationships in alignment with your highest good.

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