Super-charge Your Goals with the Leo New Moon

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The New Moon in Leo on Saturday, July 26th will grow into the biggest full Supermoon of 2014. To tap into this super-charged lunar cycle, I am offering a remote manifestation workshop to actualize our highest goals and aspirations.

We will use the fiery energy of regal Leo to seed and fuel our dreams as the moon expands rapidly to become the brightest lunar event of the year. This powerful lunar cycle will magnify our intentions and accelerate the manifestation of our heartfelt desires.

newmoon-leo-3-380x235 - Version 2Expand Your Dreams and Step Into Your Power

Each new moon offers an opportunity for initiation, new beginnings, and a fresh start. The New Moon in Leo is all about expansion. Leo is a fixed, fire sign. His thorough, unstoppable nature provides us the incentive we need to expand an existing business, start and take new projects to completion, deepen relationships, or elevate whatever we focus on to the next level.

The Leo New Moon inspires us to expand our creative self-expression and follow our heart with courage and conviction. Leo rules our solar plexus chakra (manipura), the energy center where we hold our personal power. It supports our creative impulses, fosters our self-confidence, and teaches us to stand firmly within our full power.

As we claim our authentic power, we gain direct access to the inner promptings that tell us what makes us happy and feel successful. We fortify the courage needed to let go of what other people or society tells us to be or how to live and free ourselves to follow our passion.

Assert Your Authentic Powerth-3

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the vibrant center of our Universe. The Sun is the source of heat and light around which the other planets revolve. Like the Sun, Leo is generous, giving, kind, loving, and confident.

Leo also represents our pride and ego, and thus requires a steady diet of love, appreciation, and recognition. With this new moon we may choose to examine areas in our lives where we give too much or too little of ourselves, and evaluate what we are receiving in return. We might ask ourselves, ‘Where am I giving away too much of my power?’, ‘Where do I need to shine more of my attention?’, and ‘Am I receiving the love and appreciation that I deserve?’.

Learning to stand in our power requires that we set boundaries, communicate our needs, differentiate what we like and dislike, and honor ourselves by sticking to what is important to us. When we do this we gain self-respect and earn the respect of others. Now is the time to assert our courage, fearlessness, and strength to follow our heart’s desires. We strengthen our inner resolve by placing ourselves among people, places, and situations that allow us to be our authentic, uncensored selves.

thExpress Your Generosity

Leo rules the 5th House, the House of Family. He reminds us to direct our attention to our romantic life, family, and relationships. We are prompted to improve communication and reinforce our connections within all of our personal relationships.

During this moon cycle we may deepen our connections to the people we love by expressing the positive attributes of Leo. He encourages us to open our hearts to be caring, actively loving, hospitable, generous, and magnanimous.


Exercise the Courage to Change Your LifeSupermoon - Version 3

With the Leo New Moon expanding to become a full Supermoon, we have the energetic support to make important changes in our lives. We have the power to let go of a job, relationship, way of living, or anything that no longer serves our higher good. The changes we put into motion can be as big or small as we desire.

The new moon will occur on Saturday, July 26, at 6:42 pm EDT (3:42 pm PDT). Join me for this remote workshop to make the most of this expansive and empowering manifestation period.

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