Personal Empowerment & Services

We each possess a treasure trove of valuable internal resources. We are blessed with wisdom, spiritual insight, and healing abilities that are unique to us as individuals. My job is to clear your inner obstacles so that you have direct access to your personal resources. You may then apply the gifts that you already possess to achieve the life you choose.

In our work together, I use A Personalized Approach that includes a variety of healing and empowerment methods to help you achieve your desired goals.

I provide the following services so that you may realize your Highest Potential:
Energy Clearing
Energy Clearing is a method of cleansing the body’s energetic field of the residue we accumulate as a natural part of our daily lives. I help clear this debris and introduce fresh vitality into your energy system, literally raising your vibrational frequency. I align your body, mind, and spirit with your Higher Purpose to optimize your health and wellbeing.
Our minds have unlimited capacity that can work for or against us. Hypnosis can be used to harness the power of your mind to support your highest potential. I use hypnotherapeutic techniques to reinforce your mind-body connection and to enhance your ability to define, clarify, and achieve your desired goals.
We create the life we choose by defining our priorities and directing energy towards our desired goals. The quality and consistency of our thoughts, emotions, and actions determine the success of our creations. I offer monthly Manifestation Workshops to help you prioritize and actualize your highest aspirations. Together we transform your dreams into reality.
Energetic Purification
Our living space can collect dense or dull energy that can weigh us down and decrease our productivity. I perform Energetic Purification of Homes and Work Places to clear the space of these residual energies. It’s a fast and easy way to lighten the atmosphere, lift your spirits, and optimize your productivity.
Travel & Workshops
The fastest and most intensive way to experience personal growth is to spend time in the water with dolphins and whales. Each year I lead Trips and Workshops to introduce you to the spontaneous transformation made possible by these incredible beings!

More about Energy, Whales & Dolphins, and Power Tools!

It's All About Energy
The Way of the Whale is about energetic fluidity and vibrational congruency. It’s about learning to flow with your own natural rhythms and aligning with your highest potential by raising your frequency. It’s All About Energy... and it’s all about you.
Whales and Dolphins
Whales and Dolphins are high vibrational beings who flow as a way of life. They have the ability to elevate our vibrational resonance just by being near us. By spending time in the water with wild cetaceans, I am able to match their elevated frequencies. I carry this light highly-charged energy into my life to be delivered to you.
Tools of Empowerment
Energetic resonance is expressed in many forms: visually, aromatically, aurally, and kinesthetically. I use a number of Tools of the Trade designed to raise your vibration to support your growth and evolvement.

I look forward to working with you!