Oz-Blog: We’re On A Boat!

AcodOn our Way at Last!

The first afternoon on the Elizabeth E II was fantastic. As our ship motored to a popular dive site, I had time to calm my thoughts, center my energy, and connect with the Spirit of the Sea. I began to focus my attention on the dreams of my friends, in anticipation of the evening manifestation ceremony.

When we pulled up to the site, I took a break and went for a little dive with Beto to get our first taste of Barrier Reef diving.

Oh for the Love of Cod

I was concerned that Beto would be uncomfortable in the rental gear (including a distinctive pink snorkel), but within moments of splashing into the clear, aqua-blue water of the Cod Hole… I knew all would be fine. He was in his element, and happy as a cod!

We had a sweet, relaxing dive, which culminated in a 20 minute ‘dance’ with a large & friendly cod. We swam eye-to-eye with the fish, and I tickled it’s cheeks with bubble bursts from the side of my regulator. The cod seemed to enjoy the sensation because he tilted to the side to allow the bubbles to run up the side of his fish-face.

It was also wonderful to see the smile on Beto’s face… for as advanced & technical as he is with his diving, it all boils down having fun and playing in the ocean. We laughingly agreed that our trip facilitators, ‘Eye to Eye Marine Encounters’, had already lived up to their tag-name!

So close and yet so far…

Late in the afternoon as our boat left the area, two minke whales swam near the boat, and the minke researchers entered the water to see them. It was fantastic to finally greet my Australian minke friends! However, I was puzzled (and sad!) that we passengers were not allowed to get in the water with the whales. I hoped we would all be in the ocean with the minkes the next day.

The time & the place to manifest Dreams!

That night I performed a manifestation ceremony on behalf of my clients & friends. I sat at the stern of the boat and opened to the energies of the whales, the moon, and the ocean.

Swaying with the rhythm of the rolling seas and under the brilliant stars of the Barrier Reef, I engaged the power of the new moon to activate and amplify the dreams of all of the participants. I felt surges of dynamic energy flow through each person’s manifestations, and experienced an expansive sense of alignment with the Universe. Several people connected to the ceremony remotely from the US, which magnified the intentions of our collective dreams.

A Powerful Launch

The ceremony was particularly powerful and intense, and I felt honored to be working to support the goals and dreams of my Spiritual Family. After the ceremony, I fell soundly asleep in our cabin, dreaming of colorful fishes, friendly cod, and magical minkes.

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