April Solar Eclipse

imagesYet Another Eclipse In April!

The new moon this month will take place in conjunction with an Annular Solar Eclipse on April 28- 29th, from 3:53 to 8:14 UTC time. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the diameter of the Moon appears smaller than that of the Sun. As the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun it blocks most of the Sun’s light, causing the Sun to look like a bright annulus (ring). This phenomenon is also known as a ‘ring-of-fire’ eclipse.

2014-04-29 - Version 2A Most Unusual Annular Solar Eclipse

This annular solar eclipse is rare because the center of the Moon’s shadow- known as the antumbra- will miss the Earth entirely, while only the shadow edge will graze the planet over a small, D-shaped region of Antarctica. This rarity is called a ‘non-central annular eclipse’, and only 1.7% of the annular eclipses over the past 5000 years have earned this classification.

The event will be visible as a partial eclipse from these locations: South Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

Eclipses are believed to foretell meaningful events, indicate a critical turning point, or provide a warning of upcoming challenges. They often trigger transformation as the result of unexpected change. We can utilize this period of change to our advantage through the conscious application of positive intentions.

SolarEclipse2014Apr29AThe Significance of a Solar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse represents a new moon with tremendous impact. It signifies new beginnings and manifests as events in the outer, material world. In the same way that the Moon temporarily blocks the light of the Sun, the energy of a Solar Eclipse obscures our vision forward for a brief period. This gives us the time and opportunity to reflect on the present and to understand how our past has shaped our present experience. We can use this knowledge and wisdom to make quantum leaps on our paths moving forward.

Each Solar Eclipse actively triggers new potentials and helps us to bring the future into the present with a sense of refined clarity. While the Eclipse offers the opportunity to seed these new potentials, it does not predict a specific event.

The effects put into motion by an eclipse tend to manifest within our lives over a period of time. Each hour of a Solar Eclipse is said to deliver ramifications that last for one year. The duration of April’s annular solar eclipse will be 4 hours and 22 minutes. While the effects of this event may begin to unfold before or soon after the eclipse takes place, their full implications may not be apparent for many years thereafter.

taurusThe Earthy Influence of Taurus

The new moon instigating this Solar Eclipse will occur under the astrological sign of Taurus, who is considered the rock of the zodiac. Taurus is a Fixed, Earth sign who embodies feminine archetypal energy. She is responsible, hard-working, reliable, honest, practical, and endlessly patient. Famous for her perseverance, we can drawn on the energy of Taurus to take projects to completion.

This sign prioritizes comfort and reminds us that we sometimes require peace & quiet in our lives to restore our internal balance and recharge our batteries. Taurus encourages us to deepen our earthly experience by expressing and exploring our sensuality. The Moon in Taurus is at her most solid and sensual state of being. She feels secure and well rooted, and is deeply appreciative of the beauty of the Earth in the present moment.

zodiac-taurus-bull-fastPutting Her Magic To Work

The Solar Eclipse under Taurus carries a vibration of focused determination, urging us to ‘dig in our  heels and get things done’. She prompts us to be practical about our lives and to review what we need in order to make our physical existence more comfortable. She places energetic emphasis on abundance in the form of both material and spiritual wealth.

As we journey through this new moon cycle, we can increase the resonance of abundance in our lives by placing our awareness on the concept of gratitude. A practical way to cultivate gratitude is to make a list of all the things in our lives that make us feel wealthy on the inside and out. We can then expand our list to include examples of how we can share our wealth with others.

By directing our attention to the vibration of appreciation and gratitude, we magnify our attraction to abundance. Furthermore, when we practice the art of open-hearted generosity, we amplify the resonance of abundance for ourselves and those around us.

During this Eclipse, the Earthy energy of Taurus can be channelled towards actualizing a new and more abundant life for ourselves and our world. We have the power to create a rich and fulfilling life experience by sharing the wealth we already possess. We can open our hearts to share joy, hope, love, encouragement, light, humor, intelligence, resources, opportunities, happiness, compassion, and whatever we have to give! Abundance manifests in many forms and the more we share, the more we enrich our collective lives.

When It Will Occurimages-2

We won’t be able to view the Solar Eclipse from the west coast of the United States. Nevertheless, we will still be subjected to its energetic influence.

Partial begins on Apr 28 at 8:53 PM PST
Full begins on Apr 28 at 10:57 PM
Maximum occurs on Apr 28 at 11:04 PM
Total ends on Apr 28 at 11:15 PM
Full ends on Apr 29 at 1:14 AM

stardust_JeanLuc - Version 2How To Assimilate the Influx of Energies

Like the recent Lunar Eclipse, this Solar Eclipse will introduce new Light Codes into the Collective Consciousness of our planet. In addition to the impacts of the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment, there will be an intensification of energies associated with the Solar Eclipse during the days just prior to and after the event.

Many of us are likely to experience a state of energetic overload as we mentally, physically, and emotionally process these heightened frequencies. We can offset this state of sensory overload by creating space in our lives for quiet reflection and regular exercise.  We are reminded to drink plentiful amounts of water and  to get an appropriate amount of sleep over the next few days. In addition, we can take solace in knowing that we are part of a larger process of expansion and integration occurring in the Universe at this time.

May you maximize the power of this Solar Eclipse to initiate new beginnings that manifest as an abundance of beauty, love, and wealth within your lives.

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