Happy Libra New Moon & Goodbye Mercury Retrograde!

Happy Autumn and Goodbye Mercury Retrograde!libra-1
As you probably know, we are coming out of an intense lunar and astrological cycle that included eclipses, supermoons, and Mercury going retrograde. It has been a challenging time for a number of people but also an excellent opportunity for personal growth, particularly in the realm of relationships. Despite the discomfort, this period of energetic turmoil has allowed us to reach new levels of clarity.
Fortunately the next lunar cycle promises a much smoother ride! I will be offering a remote manifestation workshop to usher in the calmer, more direct energies of the new moon in Libra.
web_libraThe upcoming lunar cycle begins on Monday, Oct 12th and I will be holding remote ceremonies on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th nights of the new moon phase. The cost for the workshop is $35 and includes information on the moon and season, your interactive worksheets, and inclusion in the remote ceremonies. Private consultation is also available by appointment.
Libra is associated with the qualities of balance and harmony. The Moon in Libra focuses upon relationships and partnerships with an emphasis on restoring balance. We tend to be more cooperative, polite, and friendly, and are more likely to compromise when faced with delicate situations. There is an emphasis on beauty under the influence of this moon cycle
Please let me know if you would like to join this manifestation workshop. In the meantime I hope you are enjoying the first weeks of fall as the weather begins to turn and the days grow shorter. 

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