Tools of the Trade
I utilize a collection of unique tools to augment my work. In addition to raising the vibrational frequency of myself, the environment, and my clients, these powerful instruments lend an essence of beauty and richness to the healing sessions. Essential Oils, Reiki, Cards of Gratitude, Crystals, Stones, and Andaras... they all have energy, and it’s high frequency stuff!
Essential Oils
Essential oils are living essences that have been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for as long as humans have inhabited our planet.  Modern science has attributed their therapeutic benefits to the chemical constituents and the vibrational frequencies carried within these natural medicines.

Essential oils are distilled from trees, plants, roots, and flowers. Like the hosts they come from, the oils contain ‘living energy’. In fact, clinical research has shown that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man. Their bioelectrical resonance is several times greater than that of herbs, food, and the human body.   Distributor # 711764
Vibrational Remedies
These high-frequency oils operate on many levels to improve our health and vitality. On the physical level they regenerate, oxygenate, and transport nutrients to our cells. They stimulate our immune system and detoxify our blood. Some oils contain antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-cancerous, and anti-microbial properties that help prevent infections and disease.

Essential oils are also used to promote emotional and spiritual well being. Research shows that therapeutic grade oils raise the frequency of the human body through a process called entrainment. The higher frequency of an essential oil will stimulate a matching vibrational quality within our body, mind, and spirit.

Oils may be used individually or in synergistic blends. They can be applied in wide variety of ways including topical use, ingestion, and diffusion. They can also be used to purify and improve the quality of the air in our surrounding environment. 

Basically, essential oils are naturally occurring ‘vibrational remedies’ capable of healing and rebalancing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Therapeutic Grade Oils
It is important to note that therapeutic grade essential oils emit coherent bio-energetics that are naturally attuned to compliment the health of our bodies. Pharmaceutical or synthetically-created oils do not produce coherent and health promoting frequencies.

I include individual and blended essential oils in all of my healing and manifestation practices, using only the purest quality therapeutic grade oils distilled from organic plants cultivated all over the world. 

As a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, I pro-vide private consultation upon request. In addition to essential oils, YL offers a full range of organic dietary supplements and personal care products. You can visit the site by following this link:  Distributor # 711764
Crystals, Stones, and Andaras
Crystals, stones, and gems emanate powerful frequencies that amplify the energetic atmosphere of their surrounding environment. These valuable tools can be used to facilitate, enhance, and accelerate healing practices.
Crystals and stones are used in a therapeutic setting to balance and harmonize the body’s chakra system and overall energy field. They have the capacity to absorb negative energy away from the body, and they magnify positive intentions. Certain stones may be used for protection of the energy system, and for this reason have adorned the shields and weapons of warriors for many centuries.

The vibrational qualities generated by stones and crystals are influenced by the specific frequency of their color as well as by their molecular and geometric composition. The energies of various stones correspond to each of the chakras, our physical organs, the general auric body, and to elevated states of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
‘Violet Flame Dragon’ & Pink Andara
An Andara is a unique, naturally occurring glass-like crystal that resonates at an extremely high vibration. Andara Crystals are composed of a transmuted crystal-line form of Monatomic metallic elements, and they occur in a beautiful array of opaque to translucent colors.

Genuine Andaras contain Etherium, which is a very rare combination of over 70 minerals that have a profound effect on our body and subtle energy field. Etherium can only be found in one place in the world, situated within the Sierra Mountain Range which extends north to south along the west coast of the United States. The rare and unusually high vibrational frequency of these stones stimulate major shifts within the lives of those who work with them.
Andaran Healing Properties
Elestial Sapphire Andara
The healing properties of Andaras are diverse, as they are dynamic, ‘living stones’ who work collaboratively with each person to accelerate the growth associated with their individual journey. Andaras are similar to other crystals in that they function to amplify human consciousness. However they can amplify to a much higher range of frequencies within individuals who are able to raise their vibration to match, receive, and mediate the higher frequencies.

As a vibrational healing tool, Andaras elevate our Auric frequency and balance the chakras within our body’s energy system. The different colored crystals accelerate the healing process by activating the highest frequencies within the color spectrum associated with each chakra.

All Andaras greatly amplify the process of manifestation. The crystals ‘partner’ with individuals to co-create their expressed desires while decreasing the time needed to manifest the desired outcome.

Andaras work within the body’s DNA to initiate positive growth and change within our lives. These crystals greatly accelerate our perceptive abilities, working to calibrate individuals to higher levels of intuitive receptivity when we are asleep or in a deeply meditative state. Andaras naturally expand the Heart chakra, opening us to a greater capacity for compassion.

These stones are, by far, the most powerful healing and transformational tools I have encountered. I include Andaras in all healing and manifestation sessions with clients, as well as in my personal meditative practices.
Andara History and Contact Information
'Heart of the Goddess' Andara
Andara crystals surfaced following an earthquake in the mid 1960’s, on land owned by an Irish Choctaw Medicine Woman named Nellie. At first the profound healing cap-acity of these stones remained un-noticed, but through a vision shared by another healer, Nellie was soon made aware of their innate power. She collected a variety of crystals in several colors, shapes, and sizes for use in her own practice and began to share the stones with other enlightened energy workers.

Since then, another earthquake un-covered the remaining supply of Andaras. Mickey Magic, an exceptionally gifted Shamanic healer living in the Santa Cruz hills, has been entrusted with the responsibility of distri-buting the limited number of available stones. Mickey, the Andara Labyrinth, and these amazing stones can be found at:
Crystals and Andaras at Work for You
Mickey's Andara Labyrinth
For the past 25 years, I have accumulated a vast and diverse collection of Crystals, Stones, and Andaras from around the world. I utilize these remarkable tools in all expressions of my healing work.

In addition to being energetcially sensitive to their myriad vibrations, I carry a deep and everlasting appreciation for their innate and stunning beauty.

Mickey & the Andaras can be found at:
Universal Life Force Energy
Reiki is a healing and empowerment system that utilizes the Universal Life Force Energy of Divine Spirit. Practitioners are required to invoke sacred symbols to access the flow of Universal healing energy.

When the sacred symbols are activated, practitioners exper-ience a surge of higher vibrational frequencies. In essence, they become channels for pure Source Energy that is used for beneficial purposes. Reiki can be applied to people, pets, and situations that require harmonious healing.

Since Universal Energy is not bound by the constraints of time or space, it can be transmitted across vast distances. As a result, Reiki treatments are equally effective when admin-istered in hands-on or remote healing sessions. As a Level 2 practitioner, and I channel Reiki and other high frequency energies to enhance all of my healing and manifestation practices.

For Reiki & other energy work:
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Send Out Cards
Custom-made Cards
This service is all about the vibration of Love & Joy! Send Out Cards is an online greeting card company that allows users to instantly create and send customized greeting cards.

I use SOC’s as a vehicle to demonstrate my love and appre-ciation to friends, clients, and family members. The cards represent a beautiful and tangible token of my gratitude. The SOC service allows me to connect at a heart level with the precious people in my circle of influence.

If you’ve ever worked with me, you have most likely re-ceived a Send Out card! To try sending a card of your own, follow this link: