Spring has Sprung!


Spring is the Time of Regeneration

Spring is the season of Awakening & Regeneration. As Mother Earth awakens from her time of retraction and introspection, we are infused with the fresh, vibrant energy of new life. In these first days of Spring, the Earth gracioulsy inundates us with a surge of pure energy that has the power to create ‘miracles’.

We may tap into this rich source of energy through our conscious breath. As we exhale, we release the staleness of winter from our hearts, minds, and physical bodies. With each inhalation, we invigorate our bodies & spirits with energy, vitality, and life!

During the quiet months of winter, we refined our sense of self awareness. Now, in this season of new growth and rejuvenation, we may give birth to new dimensions of ourselves. Springtime provides us the opportunity to completely reinvent ourselves and our lives.

Look to the East…

In some Native American traditions, Springtime is associated with the East. This is the direction of Illumination, of mental and spiritual Enlightenment, and of the Inner Vision that comes with the awareness of the unity of all living things. The East faces the direction of the sunrise, and represents the miracle of new birth.

The East is considered the ‘Far Sighted Place’, because it is from this vantage point that an overview of life can be obtained. In the Spring, we learn to put things into perspective; in seeing the ‘whole’ we are able to understand how the separate pieces fit together.

The element of the East is Fire, whose characteristic is Expansion. Fire-elemental is an energizing force that serves to ignite, purify, penetrate, and consume. Fire Element expresses itself in our lives as enthusiasm, ambition, and enterprise.

Grandfather Sun

The Heavenly Body of the East is the Sun, which is the prime energy source of our Solar System. Native Americans pay homage to the physical sun as a symbolic representation of Grandfather Sun– ‘the Source of Everything and upon Whom all life depends’. The Sun also serves as a symbol of the inner light or divine ‘Sun’ within each of us.

The East is associated with Yellow, which is the color of sunlight. Yellow is a cheerful, uplifting, and energizing color that expands the mind and deepens our capacity for understanding.

The Spirit of Spring

Spring embodies the power of Spirit, which is the driving force behind all living form. There is a distinct difference between ‘energy’ and spirit. Pure energy is a raw resource, whereas Spirit contains inherent intelligence. Raw, undirected energy requires the intelligence of Spirit to determine its direction and ultimately its form.

Shamans consider a person’s spiritual life to be the most important aspect of his/her humanity. They encourage us to determine with our Spirit– to allow our Spirit to make decisions guiding the direction of our lives. Our minds may be used to receive knowledge, but it is through our Spirit that we apply knowledge to our lives.

Moment by Moment, We Create Our Lives

The time period associated with Spring is this Moment! We are reminded to value the importance of each moment of our lives.

The power of the moment lies in the quality of the thought that is contained within it. All Manifestation originates in thought. It is through consciousness in the moment that we can actively create the kind of life we wish to lead.

Blessings to all… as you enjoy this miraculous Season!


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