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ABC minkeEye-to-Eye and Soul-to-Soul

All of the dwarf minkes who approach boats and people are at some level curious about us. Those who engage with humans for a prolonged encounter appear to be as interested in us as we are in them! The few whales who actively play & interact with swimmers in the water and observers on theĀ boat seem to be intentionally deepening the human-cetacean connection.

There are few experiences more intense than being eye-to-eye with a whale. However, even when whales choose to swim by for a closer view, not all eye-to-eye encounters are the same. A whale might swim past and glimpse at us briefly… appearing as though she has other things on her mind. Or, she may look ‘at us’ in a curious manner, as if wondering what and who we are.

The most meaningful connection occurs when a minke searchingly looks a person right in the eye, as though she is penetrating deep into our soul. For those fortunate enough to have this kind of encounter, it is a life-changing event.

How I Relate to Whales & Dolphins

Most people find that viewing cetaceans from the surface is enough to fill their hearts with joy. However, some find that being in the water with whales & dolphins is an essential component of the encounter, as it enables an all-encompassing mind-body-spirit experience. This magnetic pull to enter the ocean is most pronounced in people who are aligned with Elemental Water.

With my sun in Cancer and Scorpio as my ascendent sign, I am by nature a Water Spirit. I have always felt most completely ‘at home’ while on this planet when in the ocean in the presence of dolphins and whales, who I now recognize as my spirit family. My moon resides in the air sign Libra, which to me and my cetacean family represents the ‘breath of life’.

From an energetic standpoint, when I enter the ocean with cetaceans I am immersing into my ‘home frequency’. As I dissolve into this intimately familiar resonance I become one with Spirit while at the same time maintaining a conscious connection to my physical body. My body then becomes a channel through which Divine Love may be directed into the water and ultimately into the hearts of the whales & dolphins.

The Gift of Giving

My intention is to actively radiate a stream of loving and healing life-force energy as a gift from ‘humankind’ to these magnificent, sentient beings. Cetaceans naturally stimulate the expansion of our heart chakras, so it’s easy to act as a conduit to deliver the high-frequency resonance of Divine Love back to them.

Whenever I’m in the water with my palms facing the whales, I’m sending them love, gratitude, appreciation, and waves of healing energy straight from my open heart!

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