Autumn Is Here


Autumn is a Time for Introspection

Autumn is the season of Introspection and represents a natural time of turning inward for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. As we gradually transition from the rapid growth period of Summer, we may begin to withdraw from the ‘busy-ness’ of external activities to reflect inwardly on our lives. We have the opportunity to adjust & refine the direction of our forward momentum. Autumn is also the season of Harvest, during which time we can celebrate the fruits of our labors. We often undergo some of our most beautiful spiritual experiences in the fall.

Look to the West!

In some Native American traditions, Autumn is associated with the West, the direction of change and transition. The West is the place of the material, and includes appearances, form, and physical manifestation.

The element of the West is Earth. Earth-element prompts us to develop our spiritual awareness by embracing the material world of form in which we live. Our spiritual work involves learning to shape our ‘material’ world through the use of natural laws and cosmic forces & principles.

We Manifest with the Help of Magik

Autumn embodies the manifestation power of ‘Magik’, which is the art of bringing desired change into our lives by weaving unseen forces into form. We manifest form through the intentional application of our thoughts and emotions. Thoughts & emotions create energetic patterns, which literally attract elemental substance, which in turn create physical form. We are required to support the manifestation process by taking supportive, tangible actions along the way. In this manner we are able to manifest physical objects, events, conditions, circumstances, and states of being.

Now is the Time!

The time period of autumn is the Present. As we naturally turn inward during this period of Introspection, we can fully embrace the Present, in all of its Perfection. Our lives in the Present reflect the mirror image of our dominant thoughts, beliefs, and energetic state of being. If there are areas in our lives we wish to improve, it is from the Present that we can initiate change. If we choose, we may change and adjust our beliefs and attitudes to assure our future happiness.

Blessings to all… and enjoy the season!


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