Energy Clearing
All day, every day we are constantly impacted by our surrounding environment. Our interactions with people, places, and events create ‘impressions’ that are held in our bodies in the form of energetic residue.

In essence, we collect the energetic and emotional debris of our ongoing life experiences. Over time, an excess of this debris can restrict the flow of energy moving through our body and auric system.

A restriction in the flow of our vital energy diminishes our health and impedes our ability to achieve our goals. In other words, when our life force is blocked, we are compromised.
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That’s where Energy Clearing comes in...
Energy Clearing is a method of cleansing the body’s energetic field of the residue we accumulate as a natural part of our daily lives. The objective is to raise our vibrational frequency to obtain and maintain our optimal health.

In the Clearing process, a series of non-invasive healing techniques are used to remove blockages from specific power centers within the energy body. Once we identify and remove restrictive patterns from the past, a stream of healthy energy is free to flow through each ‘chakra’.

As we restore vitality throughout our energy field, we elevate the vibrational frequency of our entire system. We regain access to a wellspring of life force energy that we can direct towards whatever we choose.

Energy Clearing work is deep, comprehensive, and offers lasting benefits. A single session results in heightened clarity, renewed focus, and an instant-aneous feeling of self-empowerment.
To Book a Clearing Session
Energy Clearing sessions may be conducted in person or remotely. Remote consultation is done over the phone or Skype and includes a finely detailed write-up of the results.
Energy Clearing Session includes:
  • Consultation
  • Initial Auric Scan
  • Re-alignment of your Energy Field
  • Clearing and activation of each chakra
  • Reconnection to your flow
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sealing of your Energy System
Super-chakra Clearing & Activation
Also includes:
  • Clearing of your 8th and 9th Chakras
  • Activation of your Soul Purpose
  • Guidance from your Higher Self

Duration: 2 hours
(+6 hours for remote session write-up)


  • In-office Consultation & Clearing= $175
  • In-office Super-chakra Activation = $205
  • House-Call Consultation & Clearing = $225
  • Additional Time or Repeat Sessions = $75/hour
  • Remote Consultation, Clearing & Write-up = $495