The Secret Sonic Lives of Dolphins
When dolphins look at us we feel as though they can see through our eyes and into our soul. We feel profoundly loved and accepted at a core level, as though we are seen and understood from the inside out.

The answer to how and why this happens is partly mystical and partly scientific. Dolphins perceive us not only with their eyes, but also with their sonic senses. In a very real sense they can hear our thoughts because their sensory perception extends into both infrasonic and ultrasonic auditory ranges. This means that dolphins can hear the neural oscillations generated by our thoughts which are emitted in the form of brain waves.

Some of our thoughts may sound harmonious to dolphins, particularly when we transmit the coherent frequencies of love from a calm and meditative state of being. The brain waves associated with this relaxed mental state are called Alpha waves, and they fall within the frequencies of 8 – 12 Hz. The harmonic resonance of these synchronous cycles may very well be perceived as ‘music’ to our dolphin friends.

How Dolphins See Us
The way that dolphins ‘see’ us with their sonar capacity is through the process of echo-location. They emit electrical frequencies in the form of sound waves and receive impressions as the sound returns as a cascade of echos. The primary receptors for these echos are their teeth.

In fact, the teeth of dolphins are precisely de-signed to mimic a synchronized antenna array system. Each set of teeth along the sides of their lower jaw is perfectly and exactly off-set from the other side. A simple analogy of this system helps to illustrate the concept: imagine two antennas extending from an old TV set. In order to establish a perfect array for incoming signals the antenna need to be symmetrically aligned.

Once dolphins receive signals through their teeth, the impressions are conducted through the fat-filled cavities of the lower jaw bones to the middle ear, inner ear, and finally to the hearing centers within the brain. The sound waves become nerve impulses that relay messages enabling dolphins to interpret the meaning of the sounds. They can then determine the size, shape, speed, distance, direction, and the internal structure of objects in the water.

Evidently the placement and arrangement of their teeth are only part of the key to the dolphins’ success. While the major signal is felt through the teeth and jaw bones, additional minor signals are also felt throughout the body which greatly enhance the image. In other words, when dolphins ‘see’ us using sound, they perceive us with their entire body.

What We Can't Hear Can Heal Us
The sounds produced by dolphins for the dual purposes of communication and echo-location also have a positive, healing effect on the human body. When in the water with cetaceans, we are exposed to harmonic frequencies that activate different aspects within our bodies.

Humans are unable to hear the full range of the sounds being transmitted by dolphins. The human ear can detect sound between the range of 20 – 20,000 Hz, whereas dolphins typically emit and hear frequencies ranging from 40 to as high as 150,000 Hz. Their lower frequency emissions (<40 Hz) are used for social interactions while higher resonances are used in echolocation activities.

Dolphins are also capable of producing electromagnetic frequencies as low as 8Hz, which is a significent resonance for healing and balancing the human body. While this extremely low frequency is inaudible to us, it nevertheless has a uniquely powerful impact on our mind, body, and spirit.
The Significance of 8 Hz
The frequency of 8Hz is important to us because it is present in the harmonic field of the Earth at the low end of the Shumann global resonance range. This frequency coincides with the rhythm of human brainwaves when we are in the lower level of the Alpha state.

During waking consciousness, humans normally operate from the Beta brain wave state between 13 – 40 Hz. Beta rhythms include activity that occurs predominantly within the left hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for rational thinking.

Alpha brainwaves oscillate between 8 – 12 Hz and indicate a serene, relaxed, and receptive state of mind. These rhythms are associated with the right hemisphere of the brain and include lucid, fluid, ‘non-active’ thinking. The Alpha state is considered a portal into deeper states of consciousness where we begin to access the wealth of creativity contained within our sub and supra-conscious minds.

When our brainwaves resonate at 8Hz, the two hemispheres of our brain become synchronized, maximizing the flow of information within our mind. This frequency heightens our intuitive capacity, increases our predisposition to learn new information, inspires creativity, and activates our latent extrasensory abilities. The 8Hz cycle appears to be the key that provides access to the full potential of our mind.

On a physiological level, the synchronization of the two cerebral hemispheres increases the natural production of endorphins within the brain, inducing a state of mental euphoria and physical relaxation. This stimulates a spontaneous experience of inner peace and well-being. In addition to harmonizing the brain, the 8Hz frequency restores balance to our entire bio-molecular system and brings us into natural alignment with our home planet.
Healing by Swimming with Dolphins... is it really possible?
According to harmonic principle, any sound that is produced will automatically resonate all of the multiples of that frequency. So, when 8Hz is sounded, all other octaves also begin to vibrate in ‘sympathy’ with that resonance.

While 8Hz is inaudible to humans, we can hear its harmonics as 72Hz, 144 Hz, 256 Hz, and 432 Hz. This, in addition to other mathematical reasons, is why musical pitch tuned to 432 oscillations per second is known as “scientific tuning” in the world of music.

In essence, all of the multiples of the 8Hz frequency deliver the same healing benefits to our mind, body, and spirit. Neuroacoustic research has demonstrated that listening to 432 Hz music serves to relax and calm the body, focus the mind, assist in the release of emotional blockages, and expand consciousness.

8Hz and its harmonics allow us to tune into Universal knowledge in a more connected and intuitive way. And, as we now know, dolphins emit frequencies as low as 8Hz.
How Dolphins Balance Us
Swimming with dolphins places us in a field of harmonic balance through the process of entrainment. Dolphins transmit sound waves that oscillate at a consistently harmonious resonance. When they emit these sonic frequencies they generate an energetic field that stimulates matching frequencies within us.

As the sound resonates through our physical and energetic body, it acts as a conductive force to balance our brain and nervous system. We naturally shift into alignment with our planet, our higher selves, and with heightened states of consciousness.

The practical, tangible effect upon humans is that swimming with dolphins feels good. People report that they feel calm, relaxed, and more centered as result of their time in the water with cetaceans. Some enjoy a state of euphoria, while others observe spontaneous healing from physical and emotional discomfort.

Nearly everyone who has swam eye-to-eye with a dolphin has experienced a profound sense of connectedness as result of being fully present and at peace within themselves and with the world around them. Simply put, spending time in the ocean with dolphins can transform your life.
A Personal Note
All of this discussion about frequencies, brain waves, and harmonic entrainment may sound scientific and serious... however for me the experience of being in the water with wild dolphins is about pure joy, fluidity, and humor. I feel happy, uplifted, relaxed, and completely at home among my beloved cetacean friends.

I carry the energy of dolphins and whales within my spirit, and share this vibration for the purpose of opening and reconnecting people to their inner light.

It’s all about love, positive energy, and elevating our essence to the highest, brightest expression of ourselves. With the help of cetaceans, my life’s calling is to inspire you to rediscover your passion for living.

The ocean and cetaceans nourish my soul... and they can do the same for you. Click here to book a trip to swim with wild cetaceans.
In the meantime, the dolphins send you their love!