Whales & Dolphins
Cetaceans are the most highly evolved vibrational beings on our planet. These extraordinary marine mammals have mastered the use of energetic resonance for a number of applications including sophisticated communication, complex navigation, and co-ordinated hunting practices.

Whales and dolphins are able to communicate multidimen-sional images, thoughts, and emotions by transmitting a refined form of energetic frequency amongst themselves and to other sentient beings. Since water is 800X denser than air, the aquatic domain of cetaceans is an ideally conductive medium for the transference of energetic resonance and information. Click here to learn more about the Secret Sonic Lives of Dolphins.
How They Effect Us
When we enter the water with whales and dolphins, we experience a sudden and profound shift in our mind, body, and energetic field. Cetaceans naturally elevate our energy bodies towards meditative, serene, and euphoric states of being through the process of entrainment. While cetaceans activate all of the centers in our auric body, the most significant impact occurs within our heart and higher level chakras. Swimmers are known to spontaneously laugh, cry, or be rendered speechless after in-water encounters with these marine mammals. Many people report instantaneous healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, while others are given a boost on their personal path towards enlightenment. Anyone who has ever been in the water with dolphins or whales is forever altered by the experience. Click here to learn more.
In addition to initiating personal growth and transformation, cetaceans are helping us adapt to the rapid changes occurring on a planetary level. Their high-frequency transmissions are assisting us to assimilate the accelerated vibrational shift now taking place on the Earth and in our Universe.
What is Susan's Role?
Susan possess a unique and deeply personal connection with wild cetaceans. Over the years, she has cultivated a loving kindredship with numerous species of whales and dolphins in many parts of the world. She has admired cetaceans from both above and below the surface of the water, but her most profound connections have occurred while swimming eye-to-eye with them in their natural environments. 

As a water-spirit, Susan considers these magnificent beings to be part of her spiritual family. Her ongoing in-water experiences with cetaceans have elevated her consciousness to a heightened vibrational frequency and have amplified her capacity as an intuitive healer.
Keeping the Connection Alive for You!
Every year Susan travels to various destinations around the world to swim in the open ocean with wild dolphins and whales. Her affinity with cetaceans combined with her extraordinary sensitivity to energy enables her to absorb and channel this healing vibration from the aquatic realm to receptive clients in her workplace.

Susan leads trips to enable clients and friends to participate in transformational adventures with wild cetaceans. Click here to learn more about travel opportunities for personal growth.