Client Testimonials
"This is my first ever clearing and I am glad that I have participated in it at this time in my life awareness. I would not have been developmentally ready to appreciate what has gone on had it happened any sooner. And perhaps, if I had not chosen Susan, this would not have happened at all. Her remote energy clearing and 14 page write up is propelling me into a new space. As I read her write up, it integrated into the fabric of my being and I felt it would be hard to separate the "before knowing" with the "what I know now”. I have seen this before with a very good osteopathic treatment and with EMDR. The therapeutic goal is achieved so seamlessly the client/patient cannot remember the lesion field and even doubts that any treatment actually occurred, because they associate treatment with noticeable side effects. It is rare to find such another skilled, effective, appropriate and unerringly potent intervention. Susan operates in the highest frequencies with the utmost sense of responsibility and respect towards my energy field."
~ Lauren P., Morro Bay, CA 2015
Recently, I wrote to Susan expressing gratitude for the time that we've spent together, and told her that in many ways she has become a partner in my life. We've had several sessions together, both in person and remotely, and in each one, Susan has seen and articulated parts of me that I've always felt, but that were not recognized by the outside world. I have come to recognize these subtle layers as intrinsic to my being able show up fully in life. Having someone see and name them has brought me more fully alive - Susan is in this way a partner on my path to living my potential. 
~ Marcie H., Los Angeles, CA 2015
“I have been meaning to write you for the longest time to simply thank you for your amazing work. I’ve spoken about our energy clearing sessions to countless people and find myself bringing you up in conversation quite frequently. Your work has had a great and daily impact on my life, as I am sure it has on those of many others. I am honored to participate in your ongoing work and have signed up for this coming manifestation workshop. Thank you again and I am excited to continue to work with you.”
~ Dr. Steven Edwin, Santa Cruz, CA June 2012

“I was undergoing a difficult transition when a trusted friend recommended Susan Bird’s work. Susan immediately made herself available to me. She spent time with me on the phone coming to a clear understanding of what I was going through, as well as my world and spiritual views. Having never done the kind of work Susan offered, I was at first skeptical. But I immediately sensed a grounded-ness in Susan that made me feel safe and in “good hands”. Her confidence clued me in that I was working with a true master of her art, and I opened to the process.  After two phone sessions, Susan did the ‘clearing work’ without having met me in person. I underwent an immediate shift in my perception of my situation, a shift that led me into a much widened, more compassionate understanding of my new life circumstances. I was more able to hold a vision of my new life ahead.  A few days after the clearing session, Susan sent me a lengthy write-up on the clearing session-- notes that went into great detail about what she had encountered on her end. The notes integrated the phone sessions and the clearing session in a way that was totally inspiring. The notes further pushed my new understanding of my self so that I was able to integrate the clearing and phone sessions. They also acted as a reference when I needed a reminder not only of my new direction, but also of who I am in a transpersonal sense. Susan’s work is very collaborative. I was able to open to the process and reap the life-changing benefits. I highly recommend her work for anyone in the middle of a life transition.”

~ Carol Mendez, San Francisco, CA Nov, 2011

“As I was looking for a guide, Susan entered into my life as a precious gift at the best possible moment. Susan has been my teacher, my first guide. She has followed my progress and has inspired me for the last 6 years. She has been incredibly valuable, providing inestimable support to help me make key decisions at crucial moments in my life. Those decisions have concerned many areas of interest to me in my life including my professional career, relationships, my spiritual evolvement, as well as my family issues. Susan is a talented listener and she has the right words to make a mind shift happen to unblock locked situations very quickly. She is always very respectful of my human nature; I never feel judged by her. She has this kindness and firmness to reorient and canalize my energy so that I can focus on what really matters for in my life. The more I work with Susan the more efficient and rapid the results and solutions arise. Our work grows as I grow. It ‘s getting deeper along the years.”

~ Aurelie Vincent, Paris, France

“Susan’s combination of being naturally gifted, highly compassionate and intelligently intuitive makes her one of the best people for her chosen work. She can remain pragmatically grounded while exploring and guiding her clients through emotional, psychological and spiritual issues. Susan helped me recalibrate how I look at my life and the world during a difficult period. I still reference her advice, years after our sessions took place, and it’s still some of the most valuable insights I’ve ever received from another person.”

~ Eric Fraser, Los Angeles, CA

“I don’t know if it is still the excitement from last Friday’s session, but I feel wonderful and empowered. I am focused, alert, and am accomplishing my tasks, slowly but assertively. I have meditated every morning-- Sat, Sun and today; I have great energy within me, I feel confident and fulfilled. My time is now being spent on finding my “Life’s purpose”. I feel I know now that my purpose will be targeted to: the environment, water, and nature. Susan is a powerful woman of light, perhaps not from this world at all; I feel that she might have just changed my life!.”

~ Carolina Dratva, San Francisco, CA

“I met Susan three years ago. She has help me remove my blockages, as in peeling the layers of the onion, and to move forward in my life. As I engage in life I have had situations and challenges, so Susan has helped me resolve and move forward in life in processing and releasing, till the next transition comes up then I will transform again.”

~ Fernando Lopez Jr., Olympia, Washington

“Susan Bird is a powerful and creative healer. She is one of the most generous people in the healing arts field I have crossed paths with. She lives and practices in the truth of pure service to others. Her intelligence, strength, and diligence combined with amazingly accurate intuition and insight allows her to facilitate environments for people from all walks of life. I have brought many friends to her over the years for assistance and they all have not only been appreciative but also continue to work with her to date. I met Susan 8 years ago in a time of my life where I had worked with many people for personal healing, but needed a specialist in the energetic field.
She was and is that specialist! She assisted me in manifesting and creating a reality that I thought was only possible in my imagination or the movies. I am forever humbled and grateful to Susan, a magnetic Goddess that graces this planet with her love.”

~ Catherine C. Divine, Yoga Instructor/Healer/Adventurer

“My work with Susan was enlightening, empowering, and affirming toward reconnecting my true self, energies and strengths. Susan helped me rediscover my powerful Inner Goddess I had somehow left behind! Susan offers a source of clarity and insight; the realignment of my energies and the reminders of my natural characteristics and strengths that she affirmed with me during our session resonate with me every single day. Her work allows you to go forward utilizing all that the Universe has to offer you, and to release past issues without leaving parts of you behind. She helps you feel complete again, grounded in the strong energy connections that she is gifted at reading and interpreting.”

~ Sonya Tittle, Miami, Florida

“Wow, its amazing what a simple change in mindset can do! I was kind of dreading the Aquatic Park swim on Sunday, but on Saturday, I listened to my hypnosis CD (without falling asleep) and kept focusing on a “childlike” attitude to swimming in the Bay. (i.e. joy, fun, adventure---rather than dread, cold etc). It made such a huge difference! For the first time, I really enjoyed the open water swim and actually did not want to get out of the water when the hour was up. Thank you for giving me the mental tools to reach my goal!!”

~ Carol Wu, Ironteam 2010, Pleasant Hill, CA

“I have had the privilege of knowing Susan for over ten years now and have found her insight and wisdom to be invaluable. With her guidance I have been able to unravel some confusing situations and to turn painful life experiences into positive growth. Susan is a source of serenity and knowledge that has inspired me to fill my life with positive relationships and to create the life I want.” 

~ Judy Hitchcock, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

“It is difficult for me to describe what Susan does. All I know is that it works for me. I describe her work as energy clearing / working on my chakras. But for some people (like myself initially), this is not descriptive enough due to lack of exposure to this way of thinking. My first meeting with Susan was the most powerful. I had so much negative energy to clear that afterwards I nearly floated out of her office. I was energetically carrying too many monkeys on my back. The magic of it, so to speak, is that Susan often validates your thoughts, feelings and emotions and gives you the gift of peace. The peace that you are okay to think or feel this way. We so often want to do more (i.e., work, exercise, dress better, etc.) or less (i.e., sit on the couch and eat ice cream, etc.) when we feel spiritually / emotionally uncomfortable, not ourselves. We want this feeling to go away. What Susan’s work does addresses those feelings head on and by reading a person energetically often says, “No wonder you are feeling drained, scattered, have this, this and this going on.” She identifies and sorts through those uncomfortable elements and allows you to be your most powerful self. I was referred by my friend, Nicole. This was after describing my issues with finding a soul mate. She said, “The greatest gift I can give you is Susan.” Nicole was correct. This was over 10 years ago.”

~ Cathryn Schmidt, Berkeley, CA

“After I confessed to a dear friend of mine that I needed a little boost to help me get off of the gerbil wheel, spinning and go nowhere, she recommended I speak with Susan. It was so beyond anything I had ever expected!. My initial goals seemed a little out of reach: writing a book, moving to Italy and spending more time practicing yoga for my internal, spiritual healing. But, Susan through a wonderful, open and honest discussion helped me realize that all of this was there for the taking. And here I am only 6 months later finalizing my last few pages of my non-fiction book with my brand new yoga teacher training certificate on my desk. Oh, and I am writing this from my apartment in Italy!! I instantly recommended Susan to another friend of mine who has a similar success story. And I will continue to sing her praises. Grazie mille, Susan!!”

~ Shari L. Hochberg, Florence, Italy

“I had my first session with Sue 15 years ago to help me find loving partnership as my dating life was in a rut. I ended up discovering the love of my life within two weeks. Over the years, as life has presented challenges, Sue has offered a nontraditional resource that has aided me in transformational growth.”

~ Nicole Hitchcock, Owner, NH2 Salon, Novato, CA

“Susan led me through a series of interviews and exercises that helped define my life goals and determine those areas where I was becoming stuck and immobilized in following my desired path. Susan’s deeply intuitive abilities and insight were invaluable in drawing out examples of the ways I source information and how I communicate with the world, my spirit guides and my inner self. By removing blocks in my energy system (chakras), I was empowered to action with my dreams and goals. Susan demonstrates exquisite sensitivity and clarity in helping the individual identify with and call forth those aspects of self that are critical to complete and integrated awareness.”

~ Tamara Grenier, Nantucket, Mass