1 Grounding of Energy System Base-1st Chakra, Muldahara:
The base or root center has to do with our physical connection to the earth, and governs our ability to meet our survival needs as well as those of our family. This chakra literally grounds us to the earth plane, allowing us to exist in the physical world. This center stores information regarding survival for our immediate use in emergencies and/or lifethreatening situations. A healthy 1st chakra forms a solid foundation or base upon which we can build our lives. Within the body the base center regulates the organs of elimination (rectum, anus, urinary tract), the lower back, legs, knees, ankles, and feet. “Lam”
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2 Balance of Auric Field Sacral-2nd Chakra, Swadhisthana:
This is the center of sensuality, sexuality, and physical & emotional nurturance. It is also the seat of creativity, healing, and emotional expression. This chakra is our source of empathic intuition, allowing us to sense the emotional state of other people. When balanced this center supports healthy and appropriate expression of emotions and creativity, as well as emotionally balanced relationships. It also facilitates the healthy & balanced expression of sexuality. In the body, this center is associated with the reproductive organs, the kidneys, and the lower back (at sacral chakra level). “Vam”
Location: Just under the belly button

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3 Activation of Highest Potential Solar Plexus-3rd Chakra, Manipura:
This center rules our physical body, and has to do with health & vitality, as well as self-definition, ego (in the positive sense), personal power, status, and material manifestation. This chakra is the seat of our self esteem and therefore impacts our self confidence, our core-level motivation, and our ability to create the life we choose to live. A healthy 3rd chakra supports clarity of Life Purpose, and the full expression of our highest potential, enabling us to manifest our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. This center has to do with abundance and our sense of stability in the material world. On a bodily level this center governs the stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, and adrenal glands. “Ram”
Location: At solar plexus near the top of the rib cage

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4 Release of Karmic Patterns Heart-4th Chakra, Anahata:
This center integrates our spiritual & physical bodies, and is about the connections we form with who and what we love in our lives. The energy within this center relates to compassion, creativity, magnetic attraction, clairsentience, empathy, and the capacity to give and receive unconditional love. The healthy expression of this chakra facilitates balance and harmony within relationships. On a physical level it is concerned with the heart, lungs, circulatory system, thymus gland, and upper back (at heart level). The essence of Unconditional Spiritual Love connects and flows into us through this channel providing support and also enabling us to radiate this vibration to the world. “Yam”
Location: At heart level, center of chest

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5 Clarification of Life Purpose Throat-5th Chakra, Vishuddha:
This center is all about communication, both on a spiritual as well as physical level. It has to do with our Life Purpose (vocation) & the expression of what we are here on the planet to do, and also governs our ability to communicate honestly and clearly with others. This chakra is associated with the ears-- through which we can receive spiritual information/guidance, and with the vocal chords-- through which we literally express ourselves. It is connected to the thyroid & parathyroid glands. “Ham”
Location: Base of the neck near the soft spot

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6 Release of Blockage from the Past Third Eye-6th Chakra, Ajna:
This is our intuitive or psychic channel. We receive & transmit intuitive information through this channel and also have the capacity to create by envisioning (out-picturing) the future we wish to create/manifest for ourselves. This center directs all mental processing abilities and is responsible for defining and maintaining energetic and emotional boundaries. “Aum”
Location: On the forehead between the eyes Click on image to book a session
7 Realignment with Divine Source Crown-7th Chakra, Sahasrara:
This center represents our connection to our Higher Self or Divine Source. The crown chakra regulates the flow of divine source energy into and through the body. It is a channel through which we receive Divine Inspiration, spiritual knowledge, and pure intuition. “Aum”
Location: Top of the head

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8 Source of Past Knowledge & Karmic Memory 8th Chakra:
This center contains information about our Karma and is connected with the Akashic Records. We can trace habitual patterns to this chakra, making it a valuable access point for healing chronic physical and emotional problems as well as difficult relationships. This center is a portal into and out of our time/space continuum, and can assist us to resolve many of the time-related issues in our lives. “Aum”
Location: Two inches above the head

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9 Seat of Soul-9th Chakra:
Also known as the Star Chakra, this center holds information regarding our Soul or Life Purpose and our Life Tasks. It functions as the ‘seat of our soul’ and communicates symbolically through images, archetypes, patterns, and numbers. It contains programs underlying the choices we have made as souls regarding our physical body, emotional states, and mental beliefs. All healing must be locked into our 9th chakra in order to be completely integrated and to ensure that patterns are not repeated. “Aum” Location: Approximately 2ft above the head Click on image to book a session