It’s All About Energy

Every living thing consists of an energetic or vibrational frequency. You, me, our pets, the chairs we’re sitting on... it’s all energy, and we’re all connected.
Energetic Frequency
Frequency is defined as a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points and is typically measured in megahertz (MHZ).

Human beings emit a bio-frequency that fluctuates during the day as we are exposed to various stressors, emotional challenges, and toxic substances within our environment.

Our bio-frequency is a direct representation of the status of our health. The higher our vibration, the healthier our body. Consistent exposure to negative stressors can lower our energetic frequency.

Healthy Body (daytime) 62-72 MHZ
During Illness (infection) 52-58 MHZ
During Cancer 40-42 MHZ
Near Death 24-26 MHZ
There is a dramatic shift in our measured frequency as we assume various states of health.
Our Thoughts Impact Our Frequency
Clinical research has shown that our thinking patterns have a profound effect on our body’s vibratory field. Quite literally, ‘energy flows where thought goes’. Negative thought patterns can lower our vibration by 12 MHZ, while positive thoughts raise our frequency by 10 MHZ.

Further research indicates that energetic clearing methods, prayer, meditation and other practices can be used to significantly increase our base- line frequency level (up to 15 MHZ). In other words, we can deliberately elevate our energetic resonance to restore harmony within our auric field and health within our body.

Frequency and Heightened Awareness
Vibrational resonance is directly related to our state of Consciousness. As we increase our frequency, we heighten and expand our Conscious Awareness. We are able to experience, perceive, and comprehend the world around us with more depth and clarity.

Higher states of consciousness are associated with divine inspiration and increased levels of creativity. As we align with higher frequencies, we tap into a zone of joy, ease, harmony and inner peace.

The free flow of elevated Life Force energy within us constitutes authentic empowerment. Spiritual frequencies range from 92 to 360 Hz, and we can achieve these higher resonances with regular practice.
Emotions and Frequency
The quality of our emotions is reflected in our vibratory field. Denser emotions like sadness, anger, frustration, and jealousy emit a distinctly lower energetic resonance.

Higher states of emotion carry higher, lighter frequencies. The easiest and fastest way to raise our vibration is to express gratitude for the many blessings in our life. The expression of love and pure joy emit the highest resonance of all, while laughter broadcasts the lightest of our emotional frequencies!

The state of our thoughts is intimately connected to our emotional condition. We have the power to intentionally ‘exercise’ our minds in support of higher frequency kinds of thoughts.
Frequencies in our Immediate Environment
We are exposed to a variety of frequencies within our homes and at our workplaces. Different
types of resonances may produce chaotic or harmonizing effects within our energy systems.

When something-- be it a living thing or an object, resonates at a dissonant vibration it produces chaotic or incoherent frequencies. The electrical devices in our homes and workplaces (computers, television, phones, microwave ovens, lights, etc) are powered by ‘AC’ or alter- nating current electrical frequencies. They emit an electromagnetic resonance that is incoherent and chaotic. Over time, these frequencies can fracture the human electrical field.

On the other hand, most naturally occurring substances have a coherent ‘DC’ or direct current frequency which resonates harmoniously with the electrical field of the human body.

Whenever possible we must minimize our exposure to incoherent electrical frequencies. If we cannot avoid them altogether, we can offset their disruptive effects by intentionally keeping our energetic resonance at a high and healthy frequency. We can take regular breaks from our desk or devices, listen to harmonizing music, practice conscious breathing, diffuse essential oils, and think harmonious thoughts. We can do our best to establish a dominant and healthier vibration.
The Frequency of the Earth is Rising
Scientists claim that our planet’s vibrational resonance is raising to a new level. We are subtly shifting from a slower, denser vibration to a faster, lighter frequency.

In a denser vibratory field, things move slowly and require more effort. This can make us feel like we are wading through thick molasses. Our steps are slow and heavy, and we experience a great deal of resistance.

In a lighter vibrational field, things move quickly, more easily, and with less resistance. Everything operates faster and with more fluidity within a higher vibration.

As the Earth shifts to a higher frequency all of the life on the planet is acclimating, whether we want to or not. We are being impacted on every level: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and even on the cellular level. Manifestation capacity and karmic patterns are also being accelerated.

In the new and lighter energy field, there will by necessity be new ways of doing things. We have the option to proactively match these rising frequencies. As we actively align with the subtle energetic shifts of the planet we may experience new, fun, simple and magical ways of living.
Qualitative Differences: Force vs Flow
There is a qualitative difference in the kinds of energies we are tapping into consciously and subconsciously at this time. While there are many types of resonances, they can broadly be recog- nized as either ‘force’ or ‘flow’ energies. It is important to discern the difference and align with what flows within our lives.

Flow embodies the energy of love. The essence of flow is expansive and will always honor our free will while directing us towards what is in our best interests. Flow aligns us with Divine Grace and fosters an internal sense of our own perfect timing.

Force energy does not flow. Its essence is constrictive and stagnant. Force requires resistance and an excessive expenditure of effort, and it works in opposition to the natural rhythms of the Universe.

It is important to become aware of how it feels to be in the flow or ‘in the zone’, vs pushing against
or forcing the flow. Intuitively we know the difference-- it is simply a matter of trusting our body’s intelligence and our instincts.

We may begin by discerning what flows easily, rapidly, and naturally within our lives... and noticing what requires us to push or force an outcome. When we’re in force mode we experience a sinking, stuck, or ‘something is off’ kind of feeling. Force energy exhausts and depletes us.

When we’re in the flow we feel uplifted and inspired. We become immersed in what we are doing with ease, grace, and energized focus. We may work hard, but our heart is fully engaged and we are aligned with our Soul Purpose. When we flow we live at our highest potential in a state of supreme creativity.
Frequency and the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction is in effect all of the time. It’s very simple: like attracts like. We attract what we emit, all the time, every day. It’s about con- gruency, and we have the power to choose what we transmit and attract.

If we are resonating at a lower vibration due to negative thoughts or emotions, we create a life experience that resonates at the same vibration. Lower, denser frequencies attract struggle, lack, and hardship into our field of existence.

In turn, when we consistently transmit high, clear, and positive frequencies, we create a life of inspiration, opportunity, and expansion. We experience harmony, flow, and a sense of Divine Grace within our lives.

Consistency in the quality of our energetic frequency is the key to attracting the life that we desire. While it is healthy and natural to express the full rainbow of our human emotions, our objective is to elevate our thoughts and feelings to resonate at higher levels, most of the time.
Research in the field of bio-energetics is demon- strating the preventative power of ‘energetic medicine’. People who maintain an optimally high frequency are preventing the onset and development of many illnesses.

When the human body consistently resonates within a vibratory range between 62 and 72 MHz, we are considered to be in a relatively robust state of health.  However, the harmonious and coherent frequencies within our body can easily be disturbed when we experience physical or emotional stress.

Energetic disturbances in the subtle body often precede the appearance of disease and illness in the physical body. A blockage in the flow of life-energy can result in inflammation, irritation, and illness. When the human bio-frequency range drops below 62 MHz, abnormal processes and disease can begin to develop within the body.

Electromagnetic imbalance can negatively alter the specific vibrational frequencies of the molecules, cells, tissues, and organs within our body. This energetic alteration often manifests in the form of chemical imbalances that are associated with many diseases and illnesses.

We can bring the body into balance and restore its natural harmonic resonance by ‘re-setting’ the body to its original frequency. When a higher and healthier bio-frequency is re-established, illness either doesn’t manifest or is completely resolved.

To remain healthy and prevent illness, we can take measures to raise our body’s frequency on a regular basis. In the same way we train ourselves to brush our teeth and visit the dentist for regular check-ups, we can develop routine practices to keep our energetic frequency elevated and our body in an optimal state of health.
Now that you know more about Energetic Resonance...
... you know how important it is to raise your frequency!

The primary objective of all of my work is to help clients elevate and maintain a consistently high vibrational frequency. The benefits are diverse and well worth the investment.

When we live our lives at an elevated frequency, we experience clarity of mind, optimal health, and alignment with our spirit. We are able to flow within our personal power zone, magnetize our dreams, achieve our goals, and enjoy life to its fullest. We are able to Transform our Lives!